QCY Q29 PRO Wireless Earphones Price, Quick Review, Actual Photos, and Unboxing

I just want to show you the cool pair of Bluetooth Earphones that I've been using for more than a month now.

It's by a new tech company called QCY, which holds headquarters in Dongguan City, Guangdong, China.

In Q4 2017, a handful of QCY audio products became officially available in the Philippines through the brand's authorized distributor, Hellotronics. This should give Pinoy consumers peace of mind when buying these devices as this more or less guarantees after-sales support.

This model, QCY Q29 PRO is one of these products -- and also happens to be the best pair that the company is currently offering in our country.

As you can see in these photos, Q29 PRO is made of up two stud earphones that connect to each other wirelessly and then, works with an audio source - like an iPhone or Android smartphones - through Bluetooth.

The concept of this pair is largely the same as that of the Apple Airpods although the execution is different. (I'd say it's closer to the Samsung Gear Icon X concept -- but this one's far more affordable).

For one, Q29 PRO looks nothing like the Cupertino company's wireless earphones; Its polycarbonate shell has an oblong footprint and a two-tone look, made up of an outer shell with metallic gleam and an inner rim with matte finish. Both studs have a large button in front for turning on the device with a five-second press and a three-second press for connecting to a smartphone.

Instead of merely dangling or hanging on the user's outer ear, this stays in place through the silicone bud that plugs into your ear canal and cancels ambient noise at the same time. I think it's brilliant.

The photo above shows Q29 PRO plugged into my ear. I think it's quite stylish. It could be smaller -- but I'm not complaining; I can 'carry' it. On top of that, the silicone buds are surprisingly not tiring to wear. I mean, you can have this pair plugged to your ear for up to an hour and it won't hurt the opening of your ear canal.

Notice that there's a small hole on the side of the device -- and it's for a small built-in microphone that you'll need when answering calls.

The pair ships with this stylish carrying case, which also works as a charging pod!

Just plug your microUSB charger to this port at the back of the case, place each stud in its cradle - aligning the pogo pins properly, and you're good to go.

For audio geeks, here are the technical specifications of QCY Q29 PRO:

Connectivity: Bluetooth v4.2, Up to 10 meters from source
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 42 dB
Talk time: 3 Hours (voice calls)
Music Time: 2.5 Hours via 43 mAh battery per EarBud
Standby time: 30 Hours
Charging Time: 1 Hour

Here's my no-frills opinion about QCY Q29 PRO's sound quality:

It does not sound like crap. If anything, it sounds loud, clear, and refined. The basses are full and the vocals are bright. Noise cancelling also works well; Perfect for a 'loud' commute. For the price of this pair, you'll be surprised at the stellar audio quality that it delivers. Suffice it to say, I recommend this product. It's good.

Alright, now let's do a quick unboxing.

Actually, QCY Q29 PRO's packaging looks more like a brown paper tray than a box. Yes, it doesn't look elegant or opulent -- but I think it's cute. I'm sure this helped the company keep the price of the product low.

Cutting the paper seal and lifting the lid, we are greeted by the complete retail pack.

We have the pair of wireless earphones itself inside the carrying/charging case, two extra pairs of silicone buds in Large and Small sizes (the medium pair is pre-installed on the studs), the user manual, one sheet Stereo Mode Quick Pairing Guide, and microUSB to USB charging cable.

Interested? You can get QCY Q29 PRO via popular online stores in the Philippines for just Php 1,999. I believe it comes in only one color currently, which is Dark Gray.

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