Helps You Answer Your School Assignments or Homework

Are you a Filipino elementary, high school, or college student who's always having a hard time finishing your homework because you get bored easily or the task is just often too complicated?

Do your teachers tend to give you assignment questions that can't be answered easily using Google or Wikipedia?

Do you enjoy helping other students with their school work and meeting new friends in the process?

If your answer is "YES" to all of those questions, here's a website that you might want to check out:, Brainly

Brainly.PH is essentially an online hub where students of all ages can grow smarter together by combining their strengths, knowledge, wisdom, and talents to answer questions as a community.

Joining the website and being an active member is so easy. Here's all you need to do:

1. Visit Brainly.PH using your web browser
2. Sign-up using your Facebook Account or your Email Address
3. In topfold box, type in the question that you need the community to help you answer
4. Help others by answering their questions
5. Rate answers posted by other users

If you wish so, you may a add your profile photo and complete all the challenges that you'll see in the right portion of the page., Brainly

You can ask and answer questions in various subjects including Math, Biology, Araling Panlipunan, Filipino, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English, among many others.

Every time you answer questions by other Brainly users, you will get points to ask your own. This rule contributes to the community aspect of this useful website., Brainly

For instance, since I answered this Filipino subject question, I got enough points - 5 points to the exact - to ask my own question., Brainly
Just remember: You need to type at least twenty (20) characters to answer any question in the website., Brainly

Brainly believes that every student - anywhere in the world - has strengths that they can offer to the world. They can use these gifts to lend a helping hand to other students, to make friends, and to become a future leader with the goal of lifting others up.

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