Globe vs Smart Apple iPhone XS Hero Postpaid Plan Comparison

As I've said previously, the best way to get and enjoy an iPhone is through a postpaid plan with a partner or carrier network of Apple in your country.

Why? Well, it's because not only do these plans come with services that bring the features of the iPhone to life but they also allow you to make deferred payments for the device.

If it's your first time to get an iPhone via postpaid plan here in the Philippines, there are only two networks you can get it from: Globe Telecom or Smart Communications. In fact, both companies have just started taking pre-orders for the all-new Apple iPhone XS.

The Apple iPhone XS is the stellar 2018 iteration to the popular flagship handset line of Apple Inc. It features a 5.8-inch 1125 x 2436 pixels SuperAMOLED display, Hexa-Core Apple A12 Bionic Processor, Quad Core Apple GPU, 4GB of RAM, Dual 12MP Rear Cameras with 2X Lossless Zoom capability, 4K 60fps video recorder at the back, 7MP Selfie TrueDepth Camera in front, Facial Recognition, and an IP68 Certified Dust and Water Resistant shell made of two scratch-resistant glass panels sandwiching a stainless steel mid-frame.

Globe vs Smart Apple iPhone XS Postpaid Plan

Now, let me present to you the 'Hero' Apple iPhone XS Plans of Globe and Smart, which they are now promoting on their consumer websites.

Globe Apple iPhone XS

For Globe Telecom, it's ThePlan 1799 with monthly cash-out of PHP 1,700 for the Apple iPhone XS 64GB unit -- for a total amount of PHP 3,499 per month for 24 months.

ThePlan 1799 has the following bundled services for the iPhone:

11GB of Open Access Data
Unlimited Calls to Globe and TM Numbers
Unlimited Text Messages to All Networks
Six-month Subscription to Amazon Prime Video (No Data Included)
Six-month Subscription to DisneyLife (No Data Included)
Three-month subscription to Spotify (1GB Data Included)
Free 1 Month Gadget Care
Free Shipping for the iPhone Unit

Smart Apple iPhone XS

Now, let's take a look at Smart Communications' Giga X Plan 1499 with monthly cash-out of PHP 1,800 for the Apple iPhone XS 64GB unit -- for a total amount of PHP 3,299 per month for 24 months.

GigaXPlan 1499 comes with these bundled services, which power the iPhone XS:

5GB of Open Access Data
10GB of Data for Videos (Youtube, iflix, etc)
60 Minutes of Calls to All Networks
Unlimited Text Messages to All Networks
Data Roll-Over
Free Shipping for the iPhone Unit

To help you choose which hero plan to sign up for, let's compare different aspects of each offer:

Price - The total monthly amount that you need to pay for Smart Giga X Plan 1499 is more affordable by PHP 200.

Data - Smart actually offers more Data at a total of 15GB per month. However, 10GB of which is dedicated only to videos while 5GB can be used for accessing any website, mobile game, or application. Although Globe only gives you 11GB, it's open access, which means that you can use it however way you want. You'll notice this same trend for data allocation in other competing 'iPhone Plan' bundles by Smart and Globe.

Which one is better? If you totally love watching videos on your smartphone on the go, choose Smart. But if you'd rather have freedom in the way you spend your data allocation - even if it's slightly smaller, go with Globe.

Text Messages - Both offer unlimited SMS to all networks; So they are even in this department.

Calls - This aspect is a bit tricky. Globe offers unlimited calls to Globe and TM numbers, which means that you'll have to separately pay for Smart, TNT, and Sun calls, while Smart offers 60 Minutes of Calls to any network.

Which one is better? Well, if all of your friends, family members, and workmates are using either Globe or TM numbers, obviously, Globe's offer is better. However, if you don't want to be bothered finding out which network your friend or officemate is using before you give him or her a ring, you should consider Smart's offer; The main limitation here though, is that it only gives you a total of 1-hour of calls and after that, you'll have to pay for additional minutes. Hence, it's a comparison between "unlimited call time with limited numbers" or "unlimited numbers for a limited call time".

Freebies - Based on what's shown on each company's consumer website, Globe Telecom offers more plan freebies, which include multiple-months subscription to DisneyLife, Amazon Prime, and Spotify.

Data Roll-Over - This feature basically means that your unused data allocation from the previous month will be carried over to the next month. Smart gives this to subscribers right off the bat while - I believe - you'll have to get it activated with Globe.

Data Speeds - Another important aspect that's not shown in the corporate websites is the average mobile data speeds that both companies can deliver. Based on OpenSignal's 'Mobile Networks Update for the Philippines' Report, which was published in August 2018, Smart Communications has faster 4G download (13.02 Mbps) and upload (5.53 Mbps) speeds compared to Globe (7.34 and 2.96 Mbps, respectively). However, Globe has faster 3G download speed (2.7 vs 2.34 Mbps) and slightly higher 4G network availability versus Smart (67.79% vs 64%).

To wrap up, I'd say each hero plan has it's pros and cons; One is not superior to the other in all areas. Hence, it's all up to the consumer to weigh all the options and choose which services or conditions will better fit and meet his or her needs and wants as a mobile user.

So there you go! Having read this comparison post, which network are you more inclined to get your Apple iPhone XS from? Let me know your thoughts through our comments section below or by messaging me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Cheers!

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