OPPO R17 Pro Sample Camera Shots - Night Mode, AI Selfie, Food, Panorama, Etc.

Sporting a powerful triple rear camera module, the all-new OPPO R17 Pro is quite easily the best cameraphone that the Chinese handset maker has come up with thus far.

The primary shooter, which is the second optic in the row, is a 12 MegaPixel camera with 1/2.55" Sensor, Seven-Element Lens, Variable f/1.5-2.4 Aperture, Phase Detection Autofocus, and Optical Image Stabilization. The aperture automatically shifts depending on the amount of ambient light to deliver the best shot possible in all conditions. The f/1.5 wide aperture setting feature along with 3-second long exposure enable this cameraphone's 'Night Mode' that can give you crisp and brilliant shots even in low to ultra-low light conditions.

OPPO R17 Pro Camera

The 20 MegaPixel f/2.6 camera below the primary shooter remains a mystery to me -- but I believe it's a monochrome shooter that works with the primary cam to instantly improve the shadows, highlights, and contrast of resulting shots.

And finally, the topmost camera in the row is a Time of Flight or TOF 3D Sensing camera that captures high-precision 3D depth information through nanosecond infrared light measurement. OPPO R17 Pro is actually the first ever cameraphone to have this specific kind of shooter. Frankly, I have to try it out extensively since the unit I played with was merely a prototype and I think OPPO has yet to polish the software for it before releasing the device.

Now, let me share some raw sample shots that I took using the rear camera module of OPPO R17 Pro during our OPPO Headquarters Tour from October 23 to 27 in Shenzhen, China.

First, I want to show you some night photos that I took of the Shenzhen Light Show at around 8PM on October 24, 2018.

OPPO R17 Pro Night Mode

I snapped these two photos all the way from Lianghua Hill Peak Park Square overlooking the Shenzhen Skyline using Night Mode. I just held my OPPO R17 Pro up, touched the button, and the camera took this three-second long exposure shot. I think the resulting images are quite impressive especially since I didn't use a tripod to take them.

OPPO R17 Pro Night Mode

The Light Show was done to celebrate the grand opening of the Hong Kong - Macau Bridge and the arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping in the city.

Here's another photo that I took using OPPO R17 Pro's Night Mode. This time it's an image of trees at night lit with red LED flood lights.

OPPO R17 Pro Sample Camera Shot

As I've said above, the OPPO R17 Pro has a variable aperture, which automatically changes depending on the amount of ambient light.

In indoor settings with enough illumination, the aperture doesn't have to go to wide to deliver maximum sharpness. Here are some images that I took at the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen where we stayed during the tour.

OPPO R17 Pro Sample Camera Shot

Again, all of these are just handheld shots -- and I'm happy that they came out tack sharp, especially the one below.

OPPO R17 Pro Sample Camera Shot

I think OPPO R17 Pro - even in automatic mode - delivers great color replication. I like that the colors aren't over-saturated; They still look natural. Also, the details aren't over-sharpened.

OPPO R17 Pro Sample Camera Shot

I wish I was able to take more food photos using the smartphone but only managed to snap these two.

This one is a traditional Chinese mushroom and broccoli dish.

OPPO R17 Pro Sample Camera Shot

And this one is a Tofu dish with scallions done in two ways.

OPPO R17 Pro Sample Camera Shot

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, OPPO R17 Pro's cameras are powered by AI software, which automatically figures our the subject in front of the lens and adjusts colors, shadows, and highlights - among others - to deliver the best shot possible.

Now, here are two photos taken with ample amount of natural light. Notice the clarity of details and how the camera was able to capture colors.

OPPO R17 Pro Sample Camera Shot

I snapped these images at the balcony *slash* smoking area of OPPO's Headquarters in Shenzhen. From there, you can already see the skyline of Hong Kong.

OPPO R17 Pro Sample Camera Shot

Want a wider view? Here's a Panoramic shot that I took using the OPPO R11 Pro. At the rightmost part, you will see the silhouette of Hong Kong's skyscrapers.

OPPO R17 Pro Sample Panorama Shot

For those who love to take selfies - like me, the OPPO R17 Pro is equipped with a 25 MegaPixel f/2.0 front facing camera that's powered by OPPO's industry-leading AI Beauty technology that instantly evens out your skin tone in self-portraits all while retaining your identifying physical or facial features -- so you still look like your selfies even after beautification effect. Here's a sample selfie that I took using it.

OPPO R17 Pro Sample Camera Shot

What do you think about my OPPO R17 Pro sample camera shots of various subjects? Which ones do you find most impressive? Let me know your thoughts by writing them in the comments section below or by messaging me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Cheers!

Oh, if you want to learn more about OPPO R17 Pro, watch this exclusive hands-on video of the smartphone that I recorded at night, during our quick stay in Hong Kong.

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