D-Power Music Party Box K91W Price is PHP 4,399 : Unboxing Photos and Accessories Check

If you were born in the '70's or 80's, I bet you still remember those old yet cool boomboxes that you can put on your shoulder, letting you play your favorite songs anywhere and share them with your friends.

Since the decline of cassette tapes, boomboxes had also become less and less popular. But I'm sure that many Gen Xers and Xennials - like me - still miss this iconic tech product that made life more fun back in the day.

Good thing, there are now audio and entertainment companies that are trying to bring back the boombox form factor in their new devices while incorporating fresh innovations that will delight today's consumers.

When our friends from Quantum Mobile Gear Corporation first showed me and my tech blogger friends their all D-Power Music Party Box during our Holiday get-together at Cherry Mobile Headquarters last December 21, 2018, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic about the boombox that we used to have at home when I was growing up.

However, when Sir Kenny and Sir Kester turned on the K91W model of the product, I instantly knew that it has so much more to offer than just being able to play music like what the boombox of old could do.

In fact, D-Power Music Party Box K91W can also be used as a Bluetooth Speaker for smartphones and tablets, an MP3 player using its microSD card slot, FM Radio, Auxiliary Speaker for LED TVs, and even as Karaoke microphone speaker with Tone Control! On top of all that, the cool thing about this particular model is that it has five rows of pulsing multi-colored LED lights that dance along with the music, which is great during videoke nights with your friends!

But here's the best part: This Music Party Box only costs PHP 4,399! Believe it!

If I got your interested, join me in this quick unboxing of the product. Let's check out what's inside its orange packaging!

The Black Kevlar version of the speaker is available for colors, namely, Silver, Red, Black, and Orange. There's also a White Kevlar variant with Orange accents.

The product's key technical specifications are neatly printed at the back of the box:

Power Output - 30W
Input Impedance - 10K
Controls and Ports - Volume, Bass, FM, Treble, USB, MicroSD
Speaker Unit - Bass 6.5", Treble 2"
Frequency Response Range - 100Hz ~ 20 KHz
S/N Ratio - >70db
Power Input - DC 9V
Weight - 3.6 Kg
Size - 45.6 x 16.6 x 32.2 cm

Here's the complete retail package:

There's a wireless microphone for Karaoke, which I am still figuring out how to connect to the system. I will update you later regarding this.

Here's the remote control that's powered by two AAA batteries.

The AC power adapter/charger with 1A output.

The cable for connecting the unit to another speaker or to another device - like a TV or laptop - with a 3.5mm audio jack.

We have the user manual and product guide which are both written in a language I couldn't understand. I wish the content was printed in English.

And of course, the carrying strap to complete that Boombox look!

Now, let's take a closer look at the D-Power Music Party Box K91W unit itself.

What I have here is the Black Kevlar Red version. 'Kevlar' refers to the pattern that's printed on top of the device as shown in the image above.

The speaker's body is made primarily of plastic or polycarbonate -- but it doesn't look cheap. If anything, the product has reassuring heft and feels quite durable.

This model has LED bulbs underneath the speaker grill in front and along the transparent plastic handle.

Here the knobs, ports, and buttons, which are all found on the right side of the unit.

In the top row, we have the knobs for music or radio volume, bass, echo, and microphone volume.

In the middle row, there's the microSD card slot, USB port, LED light for charging, DC Charging port, Power Swith, and microphone port.

And finally, we have the buttons for playing MP3 tracks as well as those for changing modes and recording Karaoke performances or lines spoken through the microphone.

On the left, we can see the Bass speaker, which greatly improves the overall audio quality by making lower notes or drum beats sound fuller and richer.

Look at how the LED bulbs look when they are all lit.

Each bulb can light up into a number of colors including Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, and Cyan.

Alright! That's it for now. Let me know if you questions and clarifications regarding this cool speaker.

D-Power Music Party Box K91W is now available at Mobile Monkey in Robinsons Ermita, Manila. This model is the most expensive one in the series. There are also more affordable speakers there with similar features with prices ranging from just PHP 2,399 to PHP 3,749. Visit the store now and ask for a demo of each model.

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