OPPO R&D Centre in Hyderabad, India Plans to Hire Up to 500 Employees Within Five Years

On Saturday - December 15, 2018, Chinese tech giant OPPO Mobile officially inaugurated its first ever Research and Development (R&D) Centre in Hyderabad, India to help drive innovation and build a thriving local ecosystem for smartphones in the said country.

This freshly opened facility is currently OPPO's largest outside its home country.

OPPO Mobile India

The landmark event was graced by OPPO Mobile India's top executives including Mr. Tasleem Arif - Vice President and R&D Head of the company, OPPO Global Vice President Andy, and Global Assistant Vice President Donny, as well as Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, a Member of the Indian Administrative Service.

OPPO Hyderabad, OPPO Research and Development

As of writing, OPPO R&D Centre in Hyderabad has around 50 people in the development department and another 50 dedicated to quality control.

The company says that it plans to hire up to 500 more employees to run the facility within the next three to five years, which is certainly great news for technology industry professionals in India.

OPPO Mobile India
All photos in this blog post are courtesy of OPPO Mobile India

OPPO Mobile has disclosed that its first Research and Development Centre in India will focus more building innovations that are related to Artificial Intelligence or AI, Camera and Imaging Technology, Ultra-Fast Charging Technology, and 5G Mobile Connectivity Support.

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