Xiaomi Play Smartphone Will Come With Free 10GB Monthly Mobile Data

On Monday - December 24, 2018, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi will once again disrupt the mobile industry by releasing a budget Android smartphone that already comes bundled with free 10GB of mobile data per month!

According to insiders, the all-new Xiaomi Play will just be a first in a series of handsets from company that will give users the freedom to stay connected to the internet anytime, anywhere without having to stay linked to a fixed WiFi network.

Xiaomi Play

For users who are already enjoying WiFi connection at home or in the office, 10GB is certainly more than enough for playing games, watching movies, viewing vlogs, reading blogs, and updating social media apps on the go.

As for Xiaomi Play's technical specifications, it is said that it will sport a 5.84-inch FullHD+ tall display with Waterdrop-like Notch, 3GB / 4GB / 6GB RAM options, 32GB / 64GB / 128GB internal storage options, 12 MegaPixel + Depth Sensor Dual Rear Camera Module, and a 2,900 mAh Li-Ion battery pack. No word yet on the exact processor model but it is believed that it will run on a chipset made by Qualcomm.

Xiaomi Play

So far, it seems that Xiaomi is only keen on releasing this model in China as the company already has network partners in that country that can provide the promised 10GB free mobile data that comes with this device.

As a mobile user here in the Philippines, I hope that other smartphone manufacturers and network carriers can take cues from Xiaomi in coming up with more interesting and useful gadget bundles that can benefit consumers. 

They can certainly make that happen.

If you remember, in 2011, Samsung and Smart Communications partnered to release the Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone Edition, which came with 10MB of mobile data plus 50 text messages to other Smart subscribers per month. Don't you think it's time for a more powerful or heavy-weight version of the Netphone? Why not, right?

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