What Kind of Porn Do Filipinos Like Watching on Pornhub?

Pornhub - the world's leading porn website - has just released its 2018 Year in Review report and the insights that they presented included many interesting tidbits about what its users from the Philippines are searching for and watching in its vast video catalog.

The Country That Spends Most Time on Pornhub

Based on user data gathered by the site, viewers from the Philippines had an impressive average viewing time of 13 minutes and 50 seconds per visit, representing a 22 second increase from 2017.

This visit duration puts the Philippines head and shoulders above all other countries in the world in terms of the amount of time spent watching videos on Pornhub. On average, Pinoys stay for almost 3 minutes more on the website compared to users in runner-up countries South Africa, United States, Ukraine, Canada - Pornhub's home country, and United Kingdom.

PornHub Philippines

This "feat" is particularly impressive considering that PornHub has actually been banned by the  National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and that the Philippines remains to be one of the countries that has the slowest internet connection in the world.

What Kind of Porn Videos Do Pinoys Look For on Pornhub?

The Top 5 Pornhub Keyword Searches coming from the Philippines - I would say - give us an idea about the sexual fetishes of Pinoys who regularly visit the pornographic website.

The #1 and #3 top keywords - 'Pinay' and 'Pinoy', respectively - show that many Filipinos on the site still like viewing videos that feature locals.

For those who are not familiar with the term, 'Hentai' - which is at #2 - shows anime or cartoon characters performing the deed. So it's more of a fantasy type of porn.

#4 and #5 top keyword 'Japanese' and 'Korean' are pretty much self-explanatory.

Philippines PornHub

According to Pornhub, "Japanese-Canadian Pornstar Maria Ozawa remained the most popular in the Philippines for the 3rd year (followed by Mia Khalifa and Riley Reid)."

They added, "Compared to elsewhere in the world, visitors from the Philippines are 124% more likely to watch 'Reality' videos, 113% more into 'Hentai' and 106% more into 'Asian'."

To wrap up, let share this interesting trivia from Pornhub about its viewers from the Philippines: Among the Top 20 countries that visit Pornhub the most, the Philippines has the highest proportion of female visitors at 38%, (versus 62% male) followed by 35% shared by Brazil and South Africa.


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