Laptop Powerbank For Frequent Travelers : TechnoAmp 31,800 mAh with Multiple Adapters

If you're an entrepreneur or a corporate professional who's always in flight or out on the road to do business, then you know how important it is to have a laptop with long battery life that can keep up with your lifestyle.

Sadly, many of the powerful notebooks that are out in the market can barely deliver up to five hours of uptime with heavy use. This can be a problem is you need to get stuff done on the device while you are out and about.

This challenge is easy to deal with if you're good at spotting free electrical outlets in airports or cafes -- but that's a very special skill that few people have.

Good thing there are now powerbanks that are large and powerful enough to provide additional juice to our notebooks when we need it most. Yup, gone are the days when powerbanks could only work with smartphones.

The Laptop Powerbank model that I'm currently using is TechnoAmp 31,800 mAh and there are five things that I particularly like about it.

First, it's by a Filipino company and as a Pinoy tech blogger, I think we should support our own.

Second, the device looks great. It has real metal accents which give it an air of elegance and sophistication. It doesn't look cheap.

Third, its capacity is just tremendous. This 31,800 mAh pack can fully charge my HP Elitebook 1040 at least three times.

Fourth, it has multiple ports through which I can charge not just my laptop but also my other devices including my smartphones. TechnoAmp also comes with adapters for practically all notebook models that are out in the market; No need to buy them separately!

Fifth and finally, this model features multiple device charging innovations including Quick Charge 3.0 for smartphones with supported Qualcomm chipset, Huawei FCP, and Adaptive Laptop Charging Technology. All these let your charge your gadgets faster than previous generation powerbanks.

Do you need this in your life? Well, TechnoAmp 31,800 mAh Laptop Powerbank sells for PHP 5,500 via the company's official website and Facebook Page. You can order from the online and they'll send it to you directly with no hassles!

The device comes in this orange box with the image of the powerbank on the cover and the complete list of technical specifications printed at the bottom.

The complete retail package includes the unit itself, DC cable, the main charging cord, microUSB to USB connector cable, 14 types of adapters for various laptop brands, microUSB to USB Type C adapter, and the warranty card.

All the key technical specifications of this powerbank are also printed on the device itself so there's no guessing game in case you lose the box. All the input and output voltages are clearly listed down at the bottom of the pack near the ports.

TechnoAmp 31,800 mAh has the following ports:

1 USB Type C input/output port that you can use to as charge the powerbank or to charge other devices.

1 DC Input Port

1 DC Output Port, 5V, 9V, 12V, 16V, 20V, 24V

1 USB Port supporting 1.5A to 3A Output

1 USB Port supporting 2.4A Output

The device has a small LCD screen in front that shows you exactly how much charge is left as well as the voltage that you are using to charge your laptop. There's a hardware button beside that you need to long press to turn on the display. Clicking on this button also lets you choose the charging voltage.

This is the main DC cable that you'll use to charge your laptop.

Simply plug it to powerbank and choose the right adapter or tip for your laptop.

TechnoAmp has already included adapters for various laptop brands including those by Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Acer, among others. However, I would suggest that before you buy this powerbank, you get in touch TechnoAmp support team first and inquire if the pack has the right adapter for your laptop.

Simply to connect the powerbank to your laptop, choose the right voltage, and start charging on the go. It's so easy and convenient to use.

This one connects to notebooks with USB Type C charging port.

You also get a microUSB to USB connector cable for charging Android smartphones and even cameras with this port.

No need to buy a microUSB to USB Type C adapter. It's already included in the retail package. Sweet!

TechnoAmp 31,800 mAh Laptop Powerbank comes with a 30 Days Return Policy in case in fails due faulty manufacturing and 1 year warranty if the product stops working due to quality issues.

So is there anything I don't like about this product? Hmm. If I have to nitpick, it would have to be its 735 grams weight. Yes, it's quite hefty so not the easiest to carry around. Then again, that's to be expected because of its large capacity. Just something to take note of.

But hey, if you really need to have peace of mind in knowing that your laptop will never run out of  juice while you're traveling, then it's a slight inconvenience. that you should be able to brush off.

For more information about TechnoAmp, simply get in touch with the company via 09228559230 (Sun) or 09773872035 (Globe). Please let them know that you heard about this product through TechPinas. Who knows, they might even give you a freebie.

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