TNT SurfSaya 30 BONUS Promo Gives You Unli Calls and Texts to All Networks and More!

"Is your number Smart, Sun, TNT, TM, or Globe?"

I'm sure that's the question you ask a friend whenever he or she asks you to give him or her a call and you're subscribed to an Unli-Call promo of your network.

Or if you're like me, you'd probably just get the number then Google the prefix after to check which network it is under and hope that's not different from yours. Haha. Hilarious!

You see, although unli text promos usually cover all networks, the ones for unlimited calls are frankly limited to either just Tri-Net or Globe-TM.

Talk N Text SIM Card, TNT SurfSaya 30 BONUS Promo

Well, that's until Talk 'N Text announced their all-new TNT SurfSaya 30 BONUS Promo which - get this - finally lets you make unlimited calls to numbers from all networks!

Believe it! It's real.

According to our friends from PLDT-Smart - the parent company of Talk N' Text, "For a limited time only, TNT SurfSaya 30 comes with unlimited calls to all networks so you can enjoy talking to all your family and friends anytime! With TNT SurfSaya 30, wala nang makakahadlang because on top of the unlimited all-net calls, you can also get unlimited texts to all networks and catch up with them online with 300 MB of data and 100 MB of Facebook and Messenger every day for three days."

It's so easy to register to SurfSaya 30. Simply dial *123# on your smartphone or feature-phone and choose SurfSaya 30 +BONUS on the menu that will pop up.

Sadly, this promo is only available until September 30, 2019. I know! I wish Talk 'N Text would make it a more long-term offering for the benefit of all consumers. 

I guess they are just checking how well the market will embrace it. Who knows, if it does well in the short period that will be available, it just might become permanent. That's just me wishful thinking.

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