WOW Fiesta HD Mini Price, Features, Promo Details, Unboxing and Actual Unit Photos

Aside from being so much into boxing matches, basketball games, and beauty pageants, Filipinos also love to sing.

It's true. In fact, no Filipino family reunion is complete with a musical number of some sort.

I guess that's why karaoke or videoke machines continue to sell really well in our country. These devices allow us to bond more and to create strong ties with our loved ones.

Wow Fiesta Mini, Wow Fiesta Videoke Karaoke

Wow Fiesta! is one of the most popular videoke brands in the Philippines -- and for good reason.

This proudly Pinoy company has consistently released great value for money products that are well within the reach of the Filipino masses.

Wow Fiesta HD Mini, which is their newest offering, isn't just packed with innovative features but it also comes with a very wallet-friendly price tag that I'm sure will make you want to buy one for your own home!

During its launch earlier this year, Wow Fiesta HD Mini donned an introductory price of just PHP 3,499, which was already very attractive.

However, Wow Fiesta has recently made this device even more enticing to consumers by giving it a limited time promo price of only PHP 2,999! Believe it!

The complete retail package already includes everything that you will need to start singing thousands of songs with your folks! Let's do a quick unboxing.

The unit itself is a small black box with several ports and a single button for power. You can't get simpler than this.

Wow Fiesta Videoke, Wow Fiesta HD Mini

In front, there are two microphone jacks and a USB port. At the back, you will see an HDMI port, the AV ports, the DC in port, and the large power button.

True to its name, Wow Fiesta HD Mini is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! Remember when videoke machines have to be carried by at least two people from one house to another? Isn't it amazing how fast technology evolves?

The retail package already includes one free microphone so you won't have to buy one separately. If you want to sing duets with your family members or loved ones, just get another mic and connect the two devices to the ports in front of the device.

This is remote control which you will need to select and play songs. You may also turn on the device using this accessory. No need to press the physical button at the back of the unit.

And look: Wow Fiesta had also generously included two free batteries for the remote control in the pack. Isn't that nice?

This is the AC Adapter, which you will use to connect the device to an electrical outlet.

You have the option of connecting all the AV cables to the ports at the back of your television or using a separate, more powerful speaker for a more immersive sound experience.

I know people who have a multimedia entertainment system in their cars. If you also have that and you're wondering if you can use Wow Fiesta HD Mini to enjoy an on-the-road videoke experience with your barkada, definitely, this model is small enough for that. In fact, Wow Fiesta even describes this model as "Car-Friendly".

The device itself already contain thousands of songs with FullHD quality background video waiting for you to play. But if you wish so, you can also play tracks from the USB drive that's also provided in the package.

Wow Fiesta HD Mini supports all popular multimedia formats. You can even use it as a media player if your TV doesn't have a USB or HDMI port. Talk about getting even more value for your money.

Choose from thousands of pre-installed songs! Just key in the number on the Wow Fiesta home screen and start singing.

What's even cooler is that you can even more songs - new and old - through the Wow Fiesta Song Loader App! With this device, you practically have unlimited song expansion for unli-videoke moments with our folks.

Wow Fiesta HD Mini is essentially a plug and play music player so its very easy and convenient to operate. But if you need help in using it, I would advise you to read the User Manual which is I find very concise and easy to understand as it even has illustrations.

Mag-concert na with your favorite OPM songs and international classics with the all-new Wow Fiesta HD Mini! Sulit na sulit for you and your loved ones, lalo na kapag fiesta or Pasko!

Wow Fiesta Mini, Wow Fiesta Videoke Karaoke

For those who are interested, Wow Fiesta HD Mini is now available at all Wow Fiesta authorized retail outlets nationwide as well as through the company's official website. Get it now!

Wow Fiesta Mini, Wow Fiesta Videoke Karaoke

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