Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus Camera Test : Ultra-Wide, Wide, Telephoto Sample Photos

At this point, I think almost all consumers are already familiar with what Samsung can do when it comes to mobile imaging -- especially at the flagship level. Through the years, the company has consistently proven that it's at the forefront of innovations in this relevant department.

The cameras of the freshly announced Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are essentially a culmination of everything that the Korean Giant has learned in its almost an entire decade of crafting good cameraphones.

Looking back, even the first generation Samsung Galaxy Note from 2011 could already work as a reliable point and shoot camera substitute. I know -- because that handset was once my daily driver. In fact, it's still in my gadget collection.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus Camera Test

These sample images I took using the 16 MegaPixel f/2.2 123° wide angle shooter, 12 MegaPixel f/1.5 to f/2.4 primary camera, and 12 MegaPixel f/2.1 telephoto (zoom) cam of the Galaxy Note10+ during the Local Unpacked Event of Samsung last August 7, 2019 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in BGC merely reinforce the fact that the company is one of the best out there - if not the absolute best - when it comes to mobile imaging.

But enough with the praises. Here are the photos. Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think about the shots in the comment section below.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Note that I took the photos in each set above without physically moving closer or farther from the subjects. I merely clicked buttons in the camera app to shift from one camera to the next.

All of the images were taken in indoor lighting condition and I'm very impressed with the great dynamic range and clarity of details that I got. Despite having just enough ambient light to work with, the cameras were good enough to minimize noise and to avoid flat color rendering.

For those who are wondering just how good the 10 MegaPixel f/2.0 front facing camera is, here are two sample selfies that I took using it. One is a bit wide and the other is cropped. There's a virtual switch in the camera app that let you toggle between these two modes.

I like that the selfie camera's skin clearing or beautification software is not that aggressive. I mean, you can still see my pimple marks and uneven skin-tone somehow. Also, that's my bulbous nose, alright. It's relieving that these self-portraits look like me and not a different person altogether.

To wrap up, allow me to share with you a sample 4K Stabilized video that I took using the front-facing camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note10.

Many vloggers and Youtube content creators use the front-cam of their smartphones to shoot their videos instead of a heavy DSLR or mirrorless camera set-up. If you're one of them and you're thinking about upgrading to either Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10+ for their ability to record non-shaky 4K clips via the selfie shooter above the display, I hope you find this useful.

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