Cherry Mobile Releases Teaser For An Upcoming Smartphone, Here's What The Image Hides!

On Tuesday - November 17, 2020, proudly-Pinoy handset maker Cherry Mobile started posting teasers on their social media accounts for an upcoming smartphone release.

The teasers came in the form of a GIF showing a mysterious handset in the shadows, positioned in front of blue rays. A cryptic message "A New Wave is Coming" also floats on top of it.

When I first saw the GIF, I instantly felt that it must be hiding something. I just knew that it bears details that more than meet the eye.

So I screen-captured it and played with the image's shadows and highlights to uncover whatever was hidden from plain sight. Here's the resulting artwork:

First off, the hidden notch on the smartphone's screen became more prominent with the lifted shadows.

Then, the blue light streaks appeared more like flares with the enhanced highlights. It seems that darkened look for the GIF image dampened the blue flame that cuts across the handset's body.

What could this smartphone be?

As of writing, our friends from Cherry Mobile remain tight-lipped about it.

Although, based on the product timeline of Cherry Mobile for the past five years (at least), I believe it's almost time for the launch of the next iteration to the company's best-selling Flare S flagship line.

Could the teasers - replete with hidden blue flames - point to the imminent launch of the much-awaited Cherry Mobile Flare S9?

I guess we'll know the answer within just a few days from now. So if you're a big Cherry Mobile fan, stay tuned and remain vigilant for updates.

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