MOK Heat-Not-Burn Device is a Better and Less Risky Option for Smokers, Here’s Why

As we all face the New Normal following the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, I join all Filipinos who are thinking of ways by which we can live better and make positive changes in our lives moving forward.

For some, changes can be more personal. For instance, families may hold more reunions to celebrate life and togetherness with loved ones while friends and lovers can schedule more activities out of town to make up for lost time during the quarantine.

In terms of valuing one’s health, for example, I have a heavy-smoker friend who told me that he intends to choose less harmful options that can be easier on his lungs and the lungs of his friends who don’t really smoke but are always with him.

He said, “After this COVID-19 pandemic, I plan to go easy on inhaling burnt tobacco. I think I owe my body that positive change. I don’t think I can quit just yet but I am thinking of ways to be better.”

Thankfully, when he mentioned that, I was already familiar with the MOK Heat-Not-Burn brand, which is said to be a better option to usual cigarette smoking. Hence, I was able to recommend the product to him as his potential gadget companion on his new journey.

MOK Heat-Not-Burn Device Heatmaster

MOK HNB Devices Overview

Priced at PHP 3,490, MOK simply heats tobacco sticks instead of burning them, which minimizes harmful chemicals inhaled by the user.

As you know, usual cigarette smoking involves the combustion of paper, tobacco flakes, and sometimes even foam that can really hurt the throat and lungs.

In comparison, MOK simply heats COO heat-not-burn sticks - those are made specifically for MOK – without actual burning so the user more or less only inhales the flavor or essence of the packs instead of too much harmful fumes.

MOK Heat-Not-Burn Device Heatmaster

Official retail package of the MOK HeatMaster System is made up of the Pocket Charger, the Holder, the Cleaning Kit, micro USB 2.0 Charging Cable, the Instruction Manual, and the Quick Guide.

Watch Mark of TechPinas unbox, give an overview, and show how to use MOK in the video below.

MOK Additional Features

Design-wise, MOK features a premium matte finish that doesn’t only make the Charging Device and Holder easy to hold but also gives them an air of elegance and luxury.

The footprint of the Charging Device is smaller than most full-touchscreen these days and it’s not that thick so it can be kept conveniently in a pouch or inside the pocket.

The holder, on the other hand, has an elongated form factor that takes on the form of a traditional tobacco stick which should help make puffing on it feel a lot like regular smoking.

The Charging Device provides enough battery for up to 20 heating cycles or up to 20 sticks enjoyed, which should be enough for whole day use for most casual smokers.

How to Use MOK

Before anything I want to say that this is not to invite non-smokers to smoke. I’m just sharing this information to provide a better option for those who are already smoking cigarettes or vape-users who are currently thinking of trying out a heat-not-burn device.

MOK Heatmaster System is very easy to use.

First, just make sure that your Charging Device has enough battery life. You do this by plugging in the Charging Device to an electrical outlet using the provided cable and your smartphone’s travel charger. You check the battery level by clicking on the first button on the right side of the device.

MOK Heat-Not-Burn Device Heatmaster

Then, when it’s fully charged, place the Holder inside the slot and close the lid. When you see a blue light on the right side of the device, it means that it’s already charging.

When your Holder’s battery is full, get a COO stick and put it the slot with the tobacco tip in. The COO stick has two lines printed on its body. When you push it in, make sure that you push until the first line on the stick.

MOK Holder Heat-Not-Burn Device Heatmaster

Once the COO stick is in the holder, simply long press on the Holder’s button until it lights up and you feel a slight vibration. This signals that the device is already heating the stick.

After 15 seconds, your MOK Heat-Not-Burn device will vibrate to tell you that the stick has been heated and is ready for puffing.

COO Sticks

Available at MOK’s official store in LazMall and Shopee Mall use real tobacco leaves for that authentic tobacco-flavored experience that adult smokers are used to

Currently, there are three COO variants, namely, Blue Hue, Gold Hue, and New Wave. All of which sell for PHP 1,200 for 1 ream or 10 packs, each pack with 20 tobacco sticks inside.

MOK mini

For those who prefer a smaller Heat-Not-Burn device that easily slips in the pocket or in a purse, you might want to check out MOK mini, which delivers 12 heating cycles or lets you enjoy 12 COO sticks continuously if fully charged.

MOK mini Heat-Not-Burn Device Heatmaster

This one sells for only PHP 2,490 – a thousand bucks more affordable than the regular version – and it’s practically as small as a lighter so it’s really ultra-portable.

MOK mini essentially combines the Holder and Charging Device of the regular version into a tiny package, which I’m sure many consumers will be more attracted to.

MOK mini Heat-Not-Burn Device Heatmaster

Usage of the mini is essentially the same as that of the MOK, just charge it using the USB Type C cable and your smartphone’s travel charger and when it has enough juice, just put a COO stick, triple tap on the capacitive touch button to turn it on, then, long press on it to start heating the stick. After 15 seconds, you can stary puffing already.

Availability in the Philippines

Interested in choosing this better alternative to cigarette smoking as a New Normal resolution? Make sure you get your MOK devices and COO sticks only at MOK’s Official LazMall or Shopee Mall stores. You may also purchase MOK and MOK mini at MOK Specialty Kiosks in Eastwood Mall, SM North EDSA, Met L!ve, SM Sta. Mesa, and SM Manila.

MOK vs MOK mini

To wrap up, I’d say that quitting smoking is always the best thing to do. However, I understand that it’s easier said than done especially for those who see smoking as a stress-reliever or a habit that’s too hard to break. If you’re one of them, know that there are technology companies that are doing their best to make smoking less risky for many of us, one of which is MOK.

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