Nokia is The Top Smartphone Brand in Software Updates, Firmware Upgrades, and Build Quality

HMD Global, the new home of Nokia phones, may not be one of the top 5 smartphone brands in the world today in terms of total units shipped or handsets sold -- but it is winning in one very important aspect of mobile use for consumers.

Whereas other brands regularly release so many new phones to entice consumers to upgrade from their current handsets, Nokia focuses on making sure that all the devices they have launched get timely updates in terms of operating system and security features.

Nokia, Nokia Philippines

According to research agency Counterpoint, Nokia is the current leader when it comes to mobile software and security updates, which - in turn - makes their handsets the most recommended for enterprise users.

In fact, practically all of the smartphones that Nokia has released has been upgraded to Android 10, the latest iteration of Google's mobile platform.

Nokia Leading Smartphone Brand Software Updates

To quote Mr. Peter Richardson, Vice President and Research Director of Counterpoint, "The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world even more digitally connected than before. With smartphones being devices that are always-on and connected, they are more vulnerable to cyberattacks which are growing both in frequency and severity. This makes software and security updates for Android smartphones an critical aspect.

He added, "Due to the pandemic, there have been changes in the work environment with many more people working remotely. This situation calls for an enterprise-grade security solution for data security, to block malware, and to prevent things like phishing attacks. For the second year in a row, Nokia phones have topped our rankings in providing the most comprehensive software and security updates and it has the highest share of portfolio recommended for enterprise use."

Nokia, Nokia Philippines

Based on my conversations with our friends from HMD Philippines, it seems what the company's close collaboration with Google through Android One Project is a key reason for the Finnish Giant's continued leadership in upgrading their handsets to the latest firmware and most recent security features.

If you are interested, you can watch my conversation with Ms. Charlotte Koa - Sensor Business Manager Philippines - where she talked about the key advantages that consumers can enjoy by getting timely software dates on their Nokia phones.

Aside from leading the pack in delivering software and security upgrades, Nokia has also been declared by Counterpoint as the top smartphone brand when it comes to build quality, which is something that all legendary Nokia phones remain known for.

According to Mr. Tarun Pathak - Associate Director of Counterpoint, commented, "The build quality pillar was evaluated on several criteria including product robustness, force measurement, drop and impact, fatigue, wear and scratch, thermal tests, moisture and liquid tests, and others which included both qualitative and quantitative observations." 

He concluded, "We found that Nokia phones undergo tougher tests than the industry average. We therefore concluded that, when considered alongside the faster software and security updates the strong build quality means Nokia phones will last the test of time which is increasingly important at a time when global device replacement cycles are getting longer, now approaching 30 months."

Great job, Nokia! Congratulations! Keep growing. I just know in my heart that the best is yet to come for this revitalized brand with legendary legacy.

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