realme is The Fastest Smartphone Brand Ever to Ship 50 Million Units

Despite the many challenges and setbacks posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as well as the quarantine policies and lockdowns implemented in many countries across the world, hotshot tech brand realme continues to rise in terms of sales and give its competitors a big run for consumers' attention.

Aside from recently becoming the 2nd best-selling smartphone brand in the Philippines within just two years, realme has just been recognized by Counterpoint Research as the fastest handset maker ever to ship 50 million units worldwide!

realme Fastest Android Smartphone Brand 50 Million Units

The previous record-holder for this feat was Korean Giant Samsung which was able to do it within a period 10 quarters or around 2 and a half years with the success of their Galaxy line.

Amazingly, realme accomplished this within just 9 quarters or 2 years and 3 months, which is a tremendous achievement given extremely tough competition in the entry-level and midrange Android smartphone categories posed by big rivals including Xiaomi, vivo, Huawei, OPPO, and Samsung.

Top 10 Smartphone Brands Q3 2020

As if those incredible successes are not enough, in Q3 2020, realme also became the 7th best smartphone brand in the world in terms of total shipments, according to the same research firm.

The Chinese handset manufacturer was able to ship 14.8 Million units in the said period, representing 4% global market share and 45% Year on Year growth compared to Q3 2019.

But what's most amazing is realme's Quarter on Quarter growth from Q2 2020 to Q3 2020 at a whopping 132%, beating all other brands and surpassing analyst expectations.

Counterpoint Research Analyst Abhilash Kumar noted that realme has the strongest growth momentum among major global handset maker due to great success with young consumers -- with this segment making up most of the company's customer base.

realme Narzo 20 Philippines

Speaking of young consumers - most of which being heavy gamers, realme Philippines is slated to announce a new gaming powerhouse on November 5, 2020, which will be great for Gen-Zers who are bit tight on budget but want to upgrade to a new smartphone that lets them "feel the power".

The all-new realme narzo 20 is expected to set a new benchmark in terms of entry-level Android smartphone performance -- so make sure you catch its official announcement and interactive launch on realme's Official Facebook Page and Youtube Channel.

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