2022 Apple iPhone 14 Series, Everything We Think We Know So Far

Purported "insider information" and rumors about the upcoming 2022 Apple iPhone iteration, which fans of the brand are already calling the "Apple iPhone 14 Series", have started to surface online.

Here's a quick rundown of everything we think we know about the Cupertino company's flagship handset release this year. Note that Apple has yet to confirm all information presented in the list below.

1. Announcement and Release Date

According to various sources, the iPhone 14 Series will be formally introduced by Apple come the first or second week of September 2022. The launch date in key markets around the world will be within the third to fourth week of the said month.

2. Nomenclature

Insiders note that Apple will implement a different naming system for the iPhone 14 Series compared to the iPhone 13 Series from 2021. They say that there will be four main models, namely, Apple iPhone 14, Apple iPhone 14 Max, Apple iPhone 14 Pro, and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.

3. No more "mini" model.

Perhaps due to the lackluster performance of the Apple iPhone 13 Mini, it is rumored that there won't be a mini variant of the 2022 Apple iPhone 14.

4. Notch-Free Displays for the iPhone 14 Pro Models

Apart from having more powerful imaging and video recording capabilities, the more expensive Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will also be the first iPhone models after the Apple iPhone X to not have a notch. Instead these models will have a pill-and-hole cut-out near the top of the display, housing the front-facing camera and some sensors.

2022 Apple iPhone 14 Series, Apple iPhone 14, Apple iPhone 14 Pro
On June 10, 2022, Apple Hub shared "leaked" photos of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro replete with the pill-and-hole screen cut-out.

5. Screen Sizes

It is said that Apple iPhone 14 (which still has a notch) and Apple iPhone 14 Pro will both have a 6.1-inch display. The larger Apple iPhone 14 Max (also with a notch) and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max will have 6.7-inch screen.

2022 Apple iPhone 14 Series, Apple iPhone 14 Pro
Photo Credit: Everything Apple Pro

6. Flatter Back Panel

Leaked schematics of the Apple iPhone 14 Series show that compared to the Apple iPhone 13 Series, the 2022 handsets will have an even more flush back design -- thanks to their less protruding camera module. I don't think this will altogether eliminate the need for a protective case, though.

7. Titanium Alloy Body

In late July 2021, an investors report by JP Morgan Chase noted that the 2022 Apple iPhone 14 Series could feature shells made of very durable yet lightweight Titanium Alloy. I believe, however, that only the Pro models will have this just like how the Apple iPhone 13 Pro variants were the only ones that featured Stainless Steel enclosures compared to the aluminum cases of the Apple iPhone 13 and 13 Mini.

2022 Apple iPhone 14 Series, Apple iPhone 14, Apple iPhone 14 Pro

8. Internal Cooling System

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max could come with "Vapor Cooling Technology", which Apple is said to be heavily testing and developing. This will make faster 5G connection and greater computing power (for gaming and heavy multitasking) possible for these models.

9. New Processor

Apple could debut its rumored A16 Bionic processor on all iPhone 14 Series models, allowing these handsets to have improved overall performance and computational imaging prowess compared to the 2021 Apple iPhone 13 Series which was powered by A15 Bionic chipset.

10. Colorways

The Apple iPhone 14 and Apple iPhone 14 Max are rumored to be available in Purple, White, Black, Red, and Blue while the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max will allegedly come in Purple, Gold, Silver, and Graphite.

Bonus: To meet the new requirements set by the European Parliament, the Cupertino company will have to eventually release an Apple iPhone with USB Type C port in lieu of the current Lightning port for charging. However, the EU provisional agreement favoring USB Type C on mobile devices won't take effect until Autumn 2024. Hence, I don't think Apple feels pressured to add the said feature on the 2022 Apple iPhone 14 Series.

That's it for now. I will update this TechPinas post as soon as I hear new insider information about the Apple iPhone 14 Series. So kindly bookmark this article and stay tuned!

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