TechPinas Wave Connection Logo and Emblem, Officially Launched

Hello, everyone! This is Mark of TechPinas. How are you? I hope you and your loved ones are doing great!

On June 6, 2022, I soft-launched the new TechPinas Logo through posts on social media as well as by quietly changing the previous TechPinas Monochrome logo on our website and on our official social networking pages.

TechPinas Wave Connection Logo, TechPinas, TechPInas Logo,

Today - June 12, 2022, coinciding with the Philippines' 124th Independence Day celebration, I am officially launching the official TechPinas Wave Connection Logo. This rebrand also heralds a new era for TechPinas.

As I've mentioned in my earlier social media posts, the all-new TechPinas Wave Connection Logo - which is the third major redesign of this branding material, following the Legacy TechPinas Star Logo (2008 to 2019) and the TechPinas Monochrome Logo (2020 to May 2022) - bears elements of the Philippine Flag, namely the Three Stars and the Sun as well as the Blue, Red, Yellow, and White hues.

The most unique element of our new logo is the prominent Wave design in the middle that works with the Sun and Stars to capture the beauty of the Philippine Sunrise or Sunset. This part also represents the Sea, which connects Filipinos across our archipelago.

As for the technology part, the three-line Wave design also incorporates the universal symbol for Current as well as the universal symbol for wireless connection (WiFi and Mobile Broadband). Connectivity is the most important feature of any gadget in today's hyper-connected, smart world.

TechPinas Wave Connection Emblem, TechPinas Emblem

The new TechPinas Wave Connection Emblem is just a contracted version of the logo, bearing similar elements in a circular form that's more convenient to use as a watermark or icon.

TechPinas Wave Connection Era, TechPinas Wave Connection, TechPinas

In line with the TechPinas Logo update, I also changed the look of our official website with brighter and more brilliant colors albeit retaining the familiar interface for hassle-free and easy navigation.

Echoing what I shared on Facebook:

"I changed the long-running and familiar TechPinas Legacy Star Logo (2008 to 2019) to the TechPinas Chrome Logo in 2020 without knowing that the world would come to a screeching halt in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

2020 to 2021 was a very dark and challenging period for me. I lost relatives and friends to COVID. My baby dog Sugar Ray also passed on in January 2021 after a decade of physically being part of our family. These events as well as the overall feeling of uncertainty and fear due to the pandemic led me to develop depression and anxiety, which I have opened up about publicly.

Interestingly though, when I look at the black TechPinas Chrome Logo from that time, it doesn't stir up negative emotions.

I guess it's because I designed the logo to also represent both the Philippine Sunrise and Sunset over the Sea, which connects us all. So instead of darkness, I see light -- and instead of despair, hope.

As TechPinas enters a new era with the launch of the New TechPinas Wave Connection logo, my heart is filled with deeper gratitude and loftier aspirations. Maraming salamat po sa patuloy na suporta, tiwala, at pagmamahal.

Thank You, Lord, for everything!"

Here's to brighter and more colorful days ahead, TP Friends! Stay tuned for more technology and gadget news, tips, reviews, and videos from yours truly! I think I'm finally ready to give more to all of you. Again, thank you so much for your generous support. Let's stay together. God bless!

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