Shopee Piso Sale Products Shopping Tips and Reminders

Shopee's almost monthly Piso Sale Deals have become one of the most awaited online shopping events in the Philippines. 

I mean, what can 1 peso get you these days? A piece of candy or gum? Wouldn't it be nice to buy a heavily discounted item as a gift for oneself or a friend for just PHP 1?

Shopee Piso Sale

One thing I learned from all the challenges we faced in the last two years is that frugality and saving for rainy days go a long way. So if you can buy something quite useful from an online shopping site for only PHP 1, I'd say you should go for it.

However, allow me to also give you some important tips and reminders when buying products via Shopee Piso Sale events so you can make the most of your shopping experience and avoid disappointments.

1. Make sure you also have PHP 0 Minimum Spend Free Shipping Vouchers

Before diving into Shopee's Piso Deal page and adding items to your cart, you might want to collect your free shipping vouchers first.

During its Piso Deal events, Shopee usually makes PHP 0 minimum spend 100% Free Shipping vouchers available for buyers. However, these vouchers are limited so you can't be late when redeeming them.

Needless to say, if you don't have such vouchers when making purchases, then you'd have to pay a lot more for the Piso Deals. Shipping fee within Metro Manila, for example, typically costs around PHP 40 to PHP 60.

Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers

2. Take note that not all Piso deals are what they appear on the surface.

Before adding Piso Deal items to your cart, make sure that what you're buying is what's shown in the photo.

Shopee Piso Sale

I wouldn't call it deceptive marketing because we don't really know their intention -- but sometimes, sellers use Shopee's Piso Deal Sale to advertise their pricier products by marking down accessories for these items to PHP 1 just appear on the Flash Deals page.

For example, here, this TWS wireless earbuds pair is included in Piso Sale Flash Deals page but when you click on the listing, you will see that the gadget still costs PHP 199.

What costs PHP 1 is the just lanyard that's also available in the listing.

Just be aware of this practice by some sellers during Shopee Sale events to avoid heartbreaks and purchase regrets.

3. If you buy more than one item and it may no longer be a Piso Deal.

Shopee Piso Sale

Here's another one that you should keep in mind.

There are also cases in which the product that appears on the Piso Sale Flash Deal page is indeed legit but the PHP 1 price only applies to one item.

Shopee Piso Sale

If you purchase more than one item, the Piso price is deactivated and the regular or a slightly discounted price is applied as shown in the screengrab below.

Here are a couple of bonus tips and reminders:

1. It's not always the case -- but I was told that some sellers allegedly take advantage of the Piso Sale to move slightly defective or returned products. So make sure you check reviews or you send inquiries to the seller if the item you're buying for just PHP 1 appears too good to be true. I personally haven't experienced this but it's good to be aware that this can happen.

2. When buying items at Shopee, I realized that it's often better to do it using the mobile app on our smartphones rather than their website. Why? Well, it's because many vouchers and discounts are only applicable on sales made using the official Shopee app for Android or iOS.

To wrap up, let me ask you, what are some of your favorite "budol" purchases from previous Shopee Piso Sale events? Do you have horror stories or bad purchase experiences from these Flash Deals? I'd love to hear from you! Just message me on TechPinas' social media pages or leave a comment below. Cheers! Happy shopping!

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