Apple iPhone 14 Max is What I'm Excited About

It's that time of the year again!

Rumors about the 2022 iteration of the very popular and best-selling Apple iPhone Series are now starting to surface online.

You can read everything we think we know so far about the Apple iPhone 14 Series via the link.

Apple iPhone 14 Max

Of the four purported 2022 Apple iPhone 14 models, the one that I'm frankly very excited about is the Apple iPhone 14 Max, which is the second unit in the concept photo above courtesy of Everything Apple Pro.

What's so special about it, you ask?

Well, if we were to believe what "insiders" are claiming, Apple iPhone 14 Max could have all the features of the base model but it would offer the many benefits of a larger display panel, including more enjoyable visual entertainment and easier thumb-typing.

This would make Apple iPhone 14 Max ideal for those who want a bigger screen on their iPhone but aren't quite ready yet to spend too much money on a Pro Max variant.

If we look back, in the past two to three years, the 6.7-inch screen size was only available on the most expensive Pro Max versions of the Apple iPhone 12 and Apple iPhone 13 Series. Hence, Apple fans who wanted to go big also had to spend more.

Another benefit of the potential existence of the Apple iPhone 14 Max is that it could lower the price of the Apple iPhone 14 base model. This is in line with the claim that Apple would altogether discontinue the Mini version of the iPhone due to lackluster sales numbers.

If we go by the current prices of the Apple iPhone 13 Series, the cheapest model is the Apple iPhone 13 Mini 128GB at PHP 44,990. On the other hand, the base model of the Apple iPhone 13, which is the 128GB variant, has an SRP of PHP 50,990.

Given that the world is still recovering from the pandemic, I don't think that Apple would be keen on increasing the prices of their upcoming iPhone models as that would just lead to even lower shipments. I'm guessing that - locally - the base version of the Apple iPhone 14 would take up the pricing of the current Apple iPhone 13 Mini models while Apple iPhone 14 Max variants' SRPs would be similar to that of the Apple iPhone 13 base model. That's just my hunch -- and I hope it comes true for the sake of all my fellow Apple fans.

But what about you? What do you think? Are you also excited about the rumored "Apple iPhone 14 Max"? Do you also believe that its prices will be similar to that of the Apple iPhone 13 base model? Let me know your thoughts by messaging me on social media or just by leaving a comment below. Cheers!

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