Yahoo Mail 1TB Free Storage Space Keeps The Service Relevant

After so many months of not bothering to even open it, I signed into my Yahoo Mail account yesterday just to check if I received an important email there.

I also took the chance to change the account logo to the new TechPinas Wave Connection design and to customize the look of my inbox by going to the settings.

While I was there, I saw something quite surprising.

Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Mail 1TB Storage
The storage space available is clearly shown in the lower-left section of the Yahoo Mail Settings page.

Apparently, Yahoo Mail still offers a whopping 1TB of free storage to account owners! It's true.

This is very generous since GMail only comes with 15GB of free storage and you'd have to shell out cash to get more Google One Storage space. To be specific, PHP 889 per yer for 100GB, PHP 1,499 per year for 200GB, and PHP 4,799 annually for 2TB.

Google One Storage Prices in the Philippines
These are current Google One Storage prices in Philippine Peso.

So how much can Yahoo Mail's 1TB of free storage hold?

Well, that's enough for 250,000 photos taken using a 12MP camera,  250 HD movies, or 6.5 million Word document pages! Imagine that.

Is there any catch?

There's an attachment file size limit for every email sent or received, which is only 25MB. I don't think that's enough for large or high-resolution video clips.

What are some practical uses for such a large email storage space?

1. You can use it for storing photos or audio clips that your loved ones can view or listen to in the future.
2. You can forward emails you receive in your GMail account to your Yahoo Mail account for a permanent copy in case you'd need to free up Google One Storage space.
3. You can treat it like cloud storage and email photos from your smartphone's gallery to your Yahoo Mail account in case you are running low on your handset's internal storage space.

So if you have an old Yahoo Mail account that you haven't opened in years, I suggest you log into it and see how you can make the most of the 1TB of free storage. If you don't have one, I recommend that you register for an account and you link it to your smartphone via Yahoo Mail mobile app. I mean, you never know when you'll need that large online storage space.

To wrap up, let me say, "Kudos to Yahoo for adding this great value-added feature to their free email service!" I hope they won't limit the 1TB free storage size in the future because it's frankly, the main thing that's keeping Yahoo Mail relevant in this day and age.

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