Cherry Electric Kettle Price is PHP 1,099 : Features Space-Saving Design for Modern Home

Are your kitchen essentials piling up and you're now running out of space in that part of your home? Well, if you cannot Marie Kondo your way out of it and practice the art of letting go, I think you'd do well to consider only getting kitchen appliances with space-saving design from here on out. 

There are a few brands that are now specializing in this, like Proudly-Pinoy tech brand CHERRY. Their new Cherry Electric Kettle is one such product.

This latest offering from CHERRY is a visual treat for space savers as it is expandable, portable, and lightweight so it can conveniently fit inside your cupboards or drawers. It is easy to use and equally hassle-free to tuck away once you’re done. 

Cherry Electric Kettle
The new Cherry Electric Kettle is as small as a pitcher!

Aside from having a space-efficient design, Cherry Electric Kettle can also be a good replacement for your traditional kettle with its 360° Cyclic Heating feature and 600mL capacity, letting you boil enough water for whole day use in one go. This is perfect for keeping you warm this rainy season!

Cherry Electric Kettle is made with durable food-grade silicone material and stainless steel parts. It also closes with a spill-proof lid so you won’t have to worry about painful scalds or dealing with unwanted accidents.

Be a pro at maintaining a well-kept kitchen without limiting your desire for new appliances that are great for your modern home!

You may now purchase the Cherry Electric Kettle for PHP 1,099 by visiting Cherry Shop PH:

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