New TechPinas Logo and Emblem, Explained

To celebrate and jump-start the new year as well as the new decade, I'm officially launching the all-new TechPinas logo and emblem!

Before I explain the elements of these fresh branding materials and designs, allow me to first thank all of you, my TP Friends, for staying with me for more than a decade now. Your consistent and continuous support inspire me to continue sharing what I know about technology and gadgets. I am grateful and I am humbled by your trust through the years.

I've been a technology pro-blogger for such a long time now -- but really, I feel like I'm just getting started. I just know that the best is yet to come for our community. I hope that TechPinas would continue to grow, succeed, and prosper in this new decade and in the decades to come. Please stay with me and I promise to make the ride worthwhile.

The New TechPinas Logo, shown above, features elements of the Philippine flag as well as the universal symbol for land and sea.

Like the Legacy TechPinas logo which I used for more than a decade, the new logo still features the three five-pointed stars as well as the brand name in capital letters -- albeit in the new Memphis Serif Font for a more classic look. Also, in this refresh, we now have the Sun shining over the horizon.

Finally, the shape of the New TechPinas logo is inspired the classic Pyramid geometric form, which symbolizes strength, convergence, and longevity.

The New TechPinas Emblem, which debuted on the TechPinas 2019 Christmas Online Greeting Card, also features the above-mentioned design elements but it has the TP acronym as well as a circular form.

This fresh emblem is inspired by the Masonic circumpunct logo, the universal symbol for power, as well as the universal symbol for waves.

In line with the launch of the New TechPinas Logo and Emblem, I am also unveiling the new website design of

This understated, monochromatic look complements the re-imagined branding materials and reflects our new vision of giving TechPinas a more classic and elegant foundation moving forward.

Again, thank you so much for being with me and TechPinas through the many changes that the technology industry has undergone. Let's make more meaningful memories together in the years to come. Cheers!

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