How Can Nokia Sell More Android Smartphones in 2020 and Beyond?

TechPinas was born in 2008 and during that time, the original Finnish Giant Nokia was still big in the Philippines.

Looking back, TechPinas wouldn't have lifted off as well as it did in its first three years without support from Nokia Philippines -- and that's something I will always be grateful for.

For that reason and so much more, I believe I will always be a Nokia fan and supporter. I intend to remain so -- even if the brand is now under HMD Global.

2020 Nokia Android Smartphones
The Nokia 8.1 2019 Flagship Android Smartphone

Last December 2019, I shared my thoughts on my personal Facebook Timeline on how Nokia can sell more Android smartphones in the Philippines in 2020. That post got many comments from my friends and Facebook Page followers so I thought of creating a TechPinas blog entry about it to reach more people, hopefully, even Nokia executives.

Again, in my opinion, here are the five things that Nokia must do to sell more Android smartphones and to win again in 2020:

1. They have to make sure that their Android smartphones' internal hardware - especially the processor and RAM - are up-to-date and competitive in their price brackets. Consumers - especially Filipinos - are now more specs-conscious than ever. Please, Nokia, no more year-old processors on new devices.

2. Just like during its heydays, Nokia has to be at the forefront of certain smartphone features like audio experience and imaging capabilities. New Nokia Android smartphones have to be known for a unique selling point and not be generic.

3. Nokia must work on their imaging software as much as they work on their cameraphone hardware. I think it's good that HMD Global has revitalized Nokia's legendary partnership with ZEISS but it shouldn't end there. If Nokia-ZEISS can't come up with software that's superior than what the competing companies offer, then they might as well make GCam the default camera app of their handsets or pre-install it along with the proprietary Nokia Camera app on future smartphones.

4. The Finnish company must invest more money in marketing and PR -- but only after they improve their devices. Once they have polished their Android smartphones with top-notch specs and great cameras, then Nokia needs to let as many people know about it as possible. Here in the Philippines, brand presence is very important because of extremely tight competition.

5. The new Nokia must start fresh and create new milestones for the brand. Frankly, Millennials and Gen-Z consumers are no longer familiar with the legendary Nokia of old as well as its lofty accomplishments. Nokia - under HMD Global - must prove itself again and must work harder to reach new heights that will be remembered for years to come.

Those are my thoughts. Now, here are other suggestions, courtesy of my TP Friends.

"Nokia has very sturdy handsets. They just need to lower the price [of these devices] or commensurate their pricing with specs along with aggressive marketing. This is what Realme, OPPO, Vivo did before they became household names."
- Richie Oquendo

"[Many Filipinos still think of Nokia 3310 when you mention "Nokia". They don't think about Nokia 8.1 or other Nokia Android smartphone models. They have to work harder to let people know that Nokia is now making Android smartphones]"
- Rob Yee Cambronero

"They should definitely invest in Marketing. Many of their fans from the past decades have moved on. HMD Global must not rely on Nokia's brand name alone to attract consumers."
- Oreo Pontejos

"They can try adding a dedicated camera button to their cameraphones with half press for focusing and full press for capturing."
- Vladimir Portnoyy

"[I am the only Nokia phone user in my entire high school.] Most teens right now opt for Chinese brands like Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei, and others. Nokia needs to do something to gain more young consumers."
- Florenz Jaime

"They need to acknowledge the community that promotes the brand for free. Realme did it in one year - from nothing to 50k members - and they are very active. Xiaomi also relied on netizens and its community to promote the brand."
- Carlitos Buelva

"Lower the price of their smartphones to better compete with Chinese brands."
- Ken Concepcion Canonigo

"Nokia has to consider making competitive midrange Android smartphones priced at $350. [That's the sweet spot for many brands.]"
- Charles Quiachon

A couple of my TP Friends are very proud of their recent Nokia handset purchases and are very hopeful about the future of Nokia Android Smartphones. Here's what they told me.

"[I read that Nokia sold 17 million phones in Q3 2019. They are growing year on year so I think they're good.]"
- Edner TaƱa

"[I'm a Nokia 7 Plus user. I've been using it for 2 years. It's getting Android 10 and its Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is still good for gaming.  Because it still gets software updates, I didn't have to keep upgrading my smartphone for that period.]"
- Dave Leva

How about you? If Nokia were to ask you for suggestions on how they can improve their new smartphone business, what would you tell them? Kindly leave a comment below or share  you thoughts with me on this topic via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Cheers!

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