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Cryptocurrency trading has been in trend for a long time since the introduction of bitcoin in 2009. From that time, along with manual trading, many trading bots were also invented that will trade on behalf of the user. One such automated trading software is Bitcoin Billionaire online App. The trading session run by the robots is controlled by professional brokers. There is no mobile application specially designed for this tool. User can only get it through a browser.


How to create an account in Bitcoin Billionaire App?

Step 1 : The user is required to fill a verification form by giving input some information like name, email-id, payment details and the submit it. After approval, his account is now created. One thing is noteworthy that no registration fee is required to pay.

Step 2 : A minimum deposit of $250 is required before getting into trading. The deposit can be made through debit/credit cards or mobile wallets.

Step 3 : He is now ready to trade in the online portal. The bitcoin billionaire does not provide its wallet feature. Hence, the profit earned is first converted into local currency and then deposited to his bank account.

What are the features of this App?

Demo Trading - This feature is not provided by other online trading platforms. The user who are freshers get the opportunity to have a trading experience without investing real money. It also gives the idea about the trading mechanism performed by the robots.

Live Trading - Once the deposit is made, the webpage gives the details of the broker will monitor the upcoming trading session performed the trading bots on behalf of the user.

Trusted Brokers - The brokers underlying the trading bots are authentic and gives the guarantee of user’s money.

Advanced Security - SSL security is provided by bitcoin billionaire app that keeps the sensitive user information well-secured and confidential.

Verification System - If all pieces of information given during verification are true and according to standards, it ensures smooth flow of money during deposits and withdrawals.

Feedback System - This feature gives the user full independence to write anything right or wrong they feel the App requires for improvement.

Customer Care - The 24*7 customer care provider is responsible for solving all the doubts and issues faced by the user during trading. They are prompt, pick up calls and helps till the time customer satisfaction is achieved.

How a fresher should start trading here?

It is not advised to put the entire savings in trading. It is a game of probability and risk is involved. Hence he should start with least magnitude of investment so that if it loses, it will not affect much to the bank balance.

He should study the live trading session and keep good knowledge about the trending issues of the cryptocurrency market.

It is advised to withdraw the profit at the end of each trading session.

What are the benefits of this App?

1. The efficiency and accuracy of the trading bots cannot be underestimated. They communicate with a large number of exchanges over the continents, collect and interpret the data and present it to the user so that take the suitable decision before the trading session begins.

2. No fee is charged from the user till the time he is gaining some profit. Once he makes a profit, a small percentage of that amount charged as commission for the broker who was controlling the trading bot during the trade.

3. The seamless withdrawal process is another unique feature of this app. The user needs to fill up a request withdrawal form and submit it. Within 24 hours of approval, the amount is converted into local currency and deposited to his bank account smoothly.

4. The demo account feature makes the newcomers very comfortable to understand the market. With the help of user guidelines, they gradually become experts in trading and get eligible to earn a lot of profit.

5. This tool is the best because people from all sections of the society get equal opportunity to trade especially those who are still students and don’t make much money per month. They are ready to try their luck with the small investment because it will not affect their bank balance much.

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