New Features and Benefits of Next Generation Bluetooth LE Audio

Many amazing gadgets and technological innovations were showcased at the recently concluded CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA -- but for me, of everything that was demoed at the event, the next generation of Bluetooth was the most interesting.

Why? I think the future is wireless and Bluetooth will one of the main connectivity standards enabling it. Hence, the more we improve Bluetooth technology, the better our consumer experience will be when using upcoming devices and accessories.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Currently, I'm in love with my new Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and ear buds from brands like Anker and JBL. Honestly, it took me a while to transition to them from my wired audio devices but I can now see all of the benefits that they offer, especially freedom from wires.

That said, I'm really excited about the next-generation Bluetooth LE Audio which comes these useful features and benefits that will enhance our music and overall sound listening experience.

1. Low Energy Consumption, High Quality Sound

Users can expect to get extended battery life from their smartphones as well as wireless earbuds and speakers when playing their favorite music tracks as Bluetooth LE Audio uses less power compared to the previous generation.

Bluetooth LE Audio also features an all-new high-quality yet low-power audio codec called Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3) that delivers high quality sound despite using low data rates. This will enable developers to come up with new devices that have longer uptime or smaller form factor due to reduced battery size.

2. Multiple Device Connectivity and Audio Sharing

Previous generation Bluetooth standards only let you connect up to two devices at once. Bluetooth LE Audio offers a massive leap in technology as will allow users to connect three or more devices to a single source. For me, this is the most useful benefit of this fresh innovation as it can change the way we enjoy movies with our loved ones or even improve learning in huge classrooms or halls.

3. Helping People with Hearing Difficulties

Engineers of the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association contributed their knowledge to ensure that Bluetooth LE Audio can be used on future Hearing Aids. As a result, in the future, smartphones and TVs with this standard will be accessible to people with hearing impairment.

All the new features of Bluetooth LE Audio combine to improve the way we experience sound in today's digital world.

According to Mr. Peter Liu - Architect of Wearable Systems at Bose Corporation, location-based Audio Sharing, which will be enabled by Bluetooth LE Audio, holds the potential to change the way all of us experience the world. For instance, we will be able to select the audio being broadcast on silent TVs in public venues on our smartphones. Similarly, lecture halls, theaters, and other venues will be able to share audio to assist the hearing impaired and even provide audio in multiple languages.

Bluetooth LE Audio, which we can start to experience on new devices that will be released in 2020, was developed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Bluetooth SIG, simply put, is a global community of over 34,000 companies that service to unify, harmonize, and drive innovation on a wide range of connected devices.

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