Xiaomi Hasselblad Cameraphone Collaboration Wins in Xiaomi VP Weibo Poll

Collaborations or "Collabs" are currently the big thing not just in the fashion scene but also in the cameraphone industry.

Huawei has been working with Leica to improve the imaging prowess of their flagship handsets since Huawei P9 in 2016.

On the other hand, Nokia and ZEISS have been partners since the Golden Age of the Finnish Tech Giant and the two have recently rekindled their ties to enhance the cameras on new Nokia Android phones made under HMD Global.

Xiaomi Hasselblad

Perhaps as part of the Xiaomi's ongoing efforts to boost the imaging performance of their upcoming handsets, Xiaomi's new Vice-President Mr. Chang Cheng - who recently jumped ship from Lenovo - opened a poll on his Weibo account last January 22, 2020 asking Xiaomi fans which giant in the camera industry should the Chinese smartphone company collaborate with.

Xiaomi Hasselblad

The poll got 4,000 votes and the brand that won was Hasselblad with 1,930 -- followed by Canon with 1,054 votes and finally, Nikon with 269. 

Award-winning Swedish imaging company Hasselblad first achieved global acclaim in the late 1960's and early 1970's when their cameras were used by astronauts in the Apollo Moon Landing missions. In the smartphone industry, Hasselblad collaborated with Motorola in making the True Zoom snap-on mod for the Moto Z in 2016.

Although Mr. Cheng's Weibo poll can be seen as a sign of Xiaomi's willingness to work with other companies to make their devices better, we should keep in mind that this doesn't mean that the Chinese brand will indeed partner with the above-mentioned legends in the camera industry. If anything, it can be just a way for Xiaomi to pick the brains of their loyal followers on which direction they should go in terms of tie-ups.

If and when Xiaomi does collaborate with Hasselblad, though, I do hope that it will be true meeting of minds and craftsmanship not just a matter of Hasselblad allowing Xiaomi to use its logo on cameraphones that they barely worked together in creating.

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