Five Ways To Get Free Heroes on Mobile Legends, No Diamonds, No Problem!

I'm dedicating this TechPinas post to answer a question that I got from one of my friends whom I recently convinced to start playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

He asked, "Mark, it seems I need to spend money to have more powerful heroes in my line-up. How I buy heroes on Mobile Legends without any diamonds? I mean, how do I get them for free?"

Well, for the Mobile Legends newbies, you'd be surprised but there are actually many ways that you can acquire heroes - even "meta" ones - without spending even a peso on this game. Let me give you five easy ways that you can do just that.

1. Buy Mobile Legends Heroes Using BattlePoints

Get Free Mobile Legends Heroes

Many of the heroes on Mobile Legends are available for purchase not just through Diamonds - which you'll have to buy using credit card or prepaid load - but also via free BattlePoints. Assassin Fanny, for instance, can be bought for 499 Diamonds or 24,000 BattlePoints!

Get Free Heroes Mobile Legends No Diamonds

How do you get enough BattlePoints to purchase a hero? There easiest way is to just keep playing the game as much as you can, then, checking and collecting your Daily Rewards. You can also get BattlePoints via Lucky Spin - found in the Shop section of the game - or even in your ML Inbox as reward from the game developer just for being active.

2. Get Strong ML Heroes Using Tickets

Get Free Heroes Mobile Legends No Diamonds

Tank Akai and Marksman Clint are just two powerful heroes on Mobile Legends that can be purchased through Tickets, which you can also accumulate for free while playing the game.

Get Free Heroes Mobile Legends No Diamonds

Other heroes that can be purchased the same way, include Mage Gord and Tank Franco.

Personally, Franco was the first hero that I got using this method. I chose him because of his vicious hook flicker, which is hard to escape from. He also works well with Chang'e, one of my absolute favorite mages because of her sheer firepower.

Get Free Heroes Mobile Legends No Diamonds

Like BattlePoints, you can also get Tickets simply by playing the game regularly, performing Celestial Tasks (once you're already on that level) and checking your rewards.

3. Try Your Luck and Just Spin It

Get Free Heroes Mobile Legends No Diamonds

If you don't have enough ML Tickets to get a new hero or you have a few left over from a recent purchase, you might want to use them to join Lucky Spin!

Just go to Shop, click on Draw and go to Lucky Spin. You will spend 20 ML Tickets per spin but who knows, you just might hit the jackpot!

4. Don't Forget Your Hero Fragments

Get Free Heroes Mobile Legends No Diamonds

Hero Fragments (those orange puzzle pieces), which you can get for free as reward for playing the game or through Lucky Spin, can also be used to grab certain heroes. To check how many you have, click on Inventory at the bottom part of the ML home screen. Tap on the puzzle piece to jump directly to the ML section where you can see all heroes that you can using the fragments.

Get Free Heroes Mobile Legends No Diamonds

If I remember correctly, the first hero that I got using this method was Hayabusa in 2019. I haven't really used him that much in games, though. Actually, this reminds me, I  have to play him more and master being an Assassin.

Get Free Heroes Mobile Legends No Diamonds

Oh, and another way that you can get Hero Fragments is simply by checking your Mobile Legends Mail for regular rewards! You'd be surprised but many players don't even do this. To go to your inbox, just click on the envelope icon in the upper right corner of your ML home screen. In the Mail, there's an orange button in lower right corner for claiming all rewards in one go.

5. Finally, Join Events and Contests!

Get Free Heroes Mobile Legends No Diamonds

Mobile Legends regularly holds local and regional events and contests that allow users to meet new friends and to have friendly competition which can help improve the participants' game play and strategies. Often, ML gives free Heroes and exclusive Skins to players who join these activities so might also want to sign-up for them if you want to reap all the benefits.

So there you go, ML Newbies! These are five easy ways you can get free Heroes on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! So don't worry if you don't have Diamonds yet. Just go ahead and keep playing the game -- and I'm sure that sooner or later you will get the hero you've been longing for. I sure got mine using these methods and I know that you will too. Cheers!

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