Xiaomi, Vivo, and OPPO Join Forces To Deliver Faster File Transfer Between Smartphones

Three of the biggest smartphone makers from China are banding together to deliver faster file transfer service to mobile consumers through their Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance, an initiative that enables seamless cross-brand file sharing with a single click.

The new system will enable owners of recent and upcoming Vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi Android smartphones to easily and quickly transfer files between their devices without the need for any third-party application or even internet connection. This also supports a wide range of files, including photos, videos, audio tracks, documents and others.

According to the three companies, this move is in anticipation of 5G adoption, in which the average file sizes shared by smartphone owners are expected to significantly increase along with the availability of varied, richer content.

This feature will be gradually rolled out on new handsets by The Alliance in key markets around the world starting in February 2020.

Xiaomi Vivo OPPO Peer to Peer Transmission Alliance

"Vivo, OPPO and Xiaomi all share a strong user base, and such partnership will benefit even more consumers globally. For Vivo, this partnership reinforces our commitment to bringing a fast, secure, first-in-class mobile experience by making it even easier for our users to share files with their friends wirelessly. We will continue to bring more strategic partnerships like this for our users across the globe," shared Mr. Spark Ni, Senior Vice President of Vivo.

So how does it work?

The Vivo-OPPO-Xiaomi wireless file transfer system utilizes Bluetooth for fast pairing and WiFi P2P (Peer to Peer) technology for the data transfer, bringing together a stable, energy-efficient, and high-speed connection between handsets. This technology delivers an average transfer speed of 20 Mbps.

On top of that, WiFi P2P technology does not interrupt the WiFi connection, which means that users can remain connected and can continue their activities on their smartphones during file transfer. They simply need to turn on their WiFi and Bluetooth, or turn on the function under “menu”, then select the files that they want to share. If the other party also has the function turned on, an icon will pop-up to notify the user. Once both parties have confirmed the connection, the selected files will be transferred.

Oh, and it's just the start of more tie-up projects!

According to Vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi, the Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance is a collective commitment to drive the next generation of mobile experience and the three brands will continue to openly collaborate to deliver new technological breakthroughs. The Alliance is also inviting more brands to participate and expand the mobile ecosystem in the future.

What a great way to start the new decade, right? Imagine, all these giants working together to improve consumer experience. How inspiring!

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