Ken Castro from Quezon City emailed us this question last night:

"Dear TechPinas, what can you say about Neo laptops? I'm thinking about purchasing a unit but I don't really know anyone who owns one and as such, I don't have anyone guiding me on this. Care to share what you know about Neo notebooks? Thanks"

Hi Ken! Thanks for the inquiry!

To be honest with you, Ken, I haven't had enough experience (2-3 weeks minimum) with any Neo unit. Hence, as of the moment, I am not in the position to give you a decent review about the user experience.

I'd love to review a unit in the future though. Neo is perhaps the biggest 100% Pinoy laptop manufacturer in the country today and, as part of our mission to promote Pinoy Pride and support Pinoy companies, TechPinas would love to review Neo laptops like how we do notebooks by foreign companies.

If you are really itching to read more about Neo user experience though, I found this article from Philippine Laptops complete with reader comments. Read on. :)

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