Pyxis Impulse Price is Php 2,890 : Splash-Proof Speaker, Flashlight, and Powerbank in One!

So why I do I like the new Pyxis Impulse from Cosmic Technologies Inc.? Yup, you guessed it right. It's because it's many devices in just one cute, budget-friendly package.

Pyxis Impulse

It's a splash-dust-and-shock-proof speaker, a 5,200 mAh powerbank, and a flashlight all in just one affordable device!

Pyxis Impulse
I think this should be a perfect companion for those who love traveling and doing outdoor activities like hiking or island-hopping with their barkada. It's a must-have for dudes who live extreme!

Pyxis Impulse
As a speaker, you can pair it with your smartphone or tablet by long pressing on the water-proof Bluetooth button and then looking for 'Pyxis' on your mobile device's Bluetooth settings.

Pyxis Impulse
You may also play music files from your microSD card. The slot along with the microUSB (input) and USB (output) charging ports are located underneath this plastic flap that protects them against water ingress and damage.

Pyxis Impulse
To turn on the flashlight, simply long press on the topmost button located on the side of the device. This should come in handy when camping or when you're just looking for something inside your bag, your toolbox, or the trunk of your car. The light emanating from it is just about as strong as the video torchlight from a smartphone's dual LED flash.

Pyxis Impulse

Pyxis Impulse is now available at all Cherry Mobile concept stores and kiosks nationwide. You can get it for only Php 2,890 and it's out in two color combinations, Black-and-Red, and Black-and-Blue.

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