Motorola Droid : "Hello again, Moto?" - Can Droid Save Motorola ? Specs, Photo Video

Can Motorola Droid, running on Google's latest Android operating system - 2.0, do now what RAZR did for the company in 2004? Can Droid bring Motorola back from the ashes?

It's hard to look at Motorola Droid, set for a November 09 release via Verizon Wireless in the US, without thinking about how much responsibility the phone has on its shoulders. Motorola has been one of the worst hit companies since the global financial crisis started - not just because of the general slump in the industry but perhaps, more because of the public's seeming disinterest in the company's recent models amidst stellar releases by Apple, RIM, Nokia and Palm Inc..

Motorola has proven in the past that the company can surmount adversity. In 2004, after a few years of profit downturn, Moto released RAZR, which eventually sold more than 110 million units, boosting the company's position to second place in the handheld category, trailing only Nokia. This feat considered, PC World put the legendary RAZR at #12 in its list of The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years.

But the cellphone industry has changed so much since then. Touchscreens and net-oriented Operating Systems are becoming more and more the norm. Motorola is well aware of this, hence the Droid. So the question in everyone's mind is: Can Droid make it? Can the phone bring Motorola back into the spotlight?

Let's check out Droid to find out (video courtesy of CNET):

Here's what it has inside:
Arm Cortex 600Mhz A8 Processor (OMAP3430 chip downclocked to 550MHz) - similar to iPhone 3GS' and Palm Pre
256MB of RAM
512MB of ROM
Google Android 2.0 OS

and the features?
5 Megapixel Camera
Full QWERTY slide-out keyboard
3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen - full glass WVGA, light responsive display, 480 x 854 - which supports touch gestures and shows websites in almost, if not, full view.
Google Mobile Services
Read full specs here.

Here's a video of Droid browsing experience courtesy of BoyGeniusReport:

What do you think? Is Droid cool or what?

Here's what Chris of Engadget said about his review unit:

It's a rarity in the wireless industry when the design of a phone -- at a glance, anyhow -- actually rises to the challenge and matches the fanboy fantasy: the original RAZR, the original iPhone, perhaps the Sony Ericsson X1. The realities of designing a working handset just don't often allow for it to hold up against the stratospheric, unrealistic expectations of an overstimulated fan base that's always on the hunt for The Next Big Thing. [...]

At the end of the day, realities of the US wireless industry are as likely to decide whether you're getting a DROID as anything else. For Verizon -- historically known for one of the worst smartphone selections of any carrier in North America -- the DROID instantly vaults to the top of the heap, so if you're on Big Red or you want to be, the phone may very well be a no-brainer. If you're not on Verizon but you're an Android fanatic, the DROID's also almost impossible to resist -- yeah, it's just that good.

Here's to hoping that Droid would become a success and reach our shores.

*thumbs up*

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  4. I would love to ask this, what do you need to use the navigate thing? Wi-fi connectivity or it's plain free? :)


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