Nokia 5800 vs. Nokia 5530 : What are the Main Similarities and Differences Between the Two XpressMusic Phones ?

From Ella M., a friend from Twitter:
"TP, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic looks almost similar to 5530 XM. Can you tell me how they are different? Thanks."

Hi Ella!

Yup, 5800 and 5530 sure look alike but 5800 is a bit on the higher end. That's not saying though that 5800 is a lot better than 5530 because the latter also has one or two good features that the former doesn't have.

Here's an actual photo of 5530 and 5800 beside each other:

Nokia 5530 (left) and Nokia 5800 (right) - Credit: NokNok

As you can see, 5800 is bigger, wider and thicker than 5530. The exact dimensions of 5530 are 104 x 49 x 13mm while 5800 is exactly 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm. 5800 also has a secondary camera in front -- 5530, on the other hand, doesn't. 5800 has a bigger resistive touchscreen at 3.2 inches, 640 x 360 pixels while 5530 only has 2.9 inch, 640 x 360 pixels.

5530 and 5800 share similar features like
Symbian v9.4 Operating System
3.2 MegaPixel autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss Optics
Micro USB slot

But here are the main differences inside the shell:
1. 5530 does NOT support 3G, HSDPA and GPS, 5800 does.
2. 5530 has shorter talk and standby time - just 294 minutes and 351 hours, respectively. 5800 has 530 minutes talk time, 405 hours standby time.
3. 5530 runs on an ARM 11 434 MHz processor vs. 5580XM's less powerful ARM 369 MHz processor
4. 5530 has TV out, 5800 does not.

Both units are already out in the Philippines, Nokia 5800 sells for around Php 14,000 while 5530 runs for only, more or less, Php 11,500.

There you go. :)

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  1. I guess #3 is caused by #4 :D

  2. LOL at no.4...

    nokia 5800 support tv-out, while 5530 doesn't.


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