Samsung Unveils New Enterprise and Consumer Printers in Singapore !

These new printers are sure to reach the Philippines soon.

Samsung Electronics recently showcased 13 new printers and printing solutions designed to refine the printing experience with step improvements that enhance productivity. Having grown steadily to become a top three brand in the regional laser printer market, the company aims to further expand its market share in the consumer and enterprise segments by demonstrating value in maximizing users’ return on investment.

“Samsung has succeeded in the competitive market by constantly assessing and reexamining end-users’ printing habits and needs. We seek to provide products and services that match and exceed consumers’ and businesses’ needs and this has enabled us to create best-in-class printing innovations in design and technology through the years. Our new line-up is another step in this direction and we are confident it will drive further success for the company,” said Ms. Hye-sung Ha, Vice President, Strategic Marketing Team, Digital Printing Division, Digital Media & Communications Business, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ms. Hye-sung Ha, Vice President, Strategic Marketing Team, Digital Printing Division,
Digital Media & Communications Business, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Consumer research showed that printing content from the Internet has risen quickly to comprise the second most common use for printers. Leveraging this insight, Samsung developed innovative features in the new printers that help save time and minimize toner and paper wastage. These include a one-touch Print Screen function that allows users to easily print on-screen content without the usual page format challenges encountered in using traditional printers, a fax forward-to-PC feature which cuts down on unnecessary printing of fax copies, and an AnyWeb Print feature that enables users to copy select online content and paste it on a scrapbook template for sharing or printing.

Globally, the printing business has been earmarked as one of Samsung key growth engines. Despite the recession, Samsung has buckled the industry trend and is showing strong growth while established competitors are seeing sharp declines. The company reported a year-on-year increase in market share of 5.4 per cent for the Asian region in the second quarter of 2009. In Southeast Asia and Oceania, it leads the colour multifunctional printer segment, and is also the overall market leader in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

Marriot Hotel Singapore hosted media from South East Asia for the Samsung 2009 printer launch.

According to IDC’s Singapore market figures, Samsung has, for the first time, achieved local leadership with 34 per cent of addressable market share by volume in the second quarter of this year. In a year where most brands experienced declines, Samsung saw a year-on-year increase in addressable market share by 3 per cent by volume and 4 per cent by amount. The Colour Laser Bed Printer product segment was the best performing product segment with a commanding lead of 47 per cent by volume.

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