What are the Most Reliable Laptop Brands ? Asus, Toshiba, Sony - According to SquareTrade

Of all the things that we look for when buying a new laptop, reliability is perhaps the hardest to be sure about. Portability and power can be measured via specs, but reliability, hardly so.

Until now.

According to a report published by SquareTrade, a US-Based warranty provider for consumer electronics and appliances, Asus, Toshiba and Sony laptops are currently the most reliable portable computers, followed quite closely by Apple and Dell laptops. This is based on a 3-year projection study of malfunction rates of various brands of laptops.

Here's the complete results graph:

READ: Out of all Asus laptop samples, less than 10% malfunctioned (or had problems) during the first two years of use. After 3 years, a little more than 15% are projected to have issues.
Graph Photo Credit: SquareTrade

Way to go, Asus! :)

PS: IMO, all the laptop brands included in the graph performed well. Even the supposedly least reliable brand in SquareTrade's list, HP, proves very far from being grossly unreliable.

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  1. *raises hand

    Broken Memory card reader 5 months after purchased (HP C793).

  2. I guess the list is so because both Asus and Toshiba's laptops are reliable across all lines and categories vs. Lenovo - that seems to only focus on the reliability of its Thinkpad line.

  3. I salute Toshiba's consistency.

  4. asus is the best.. quality and affordability..

  5. asus, hp, lenovo and apple. I love this Laptop manufacturers. :)

  6. Where;s MIS in the list?

  7. Not sure how accurate this could be. Obviously, the harder it is to get a product serviced, the less likely they are to have it repaired. Also, some parts (like power supplies or batteries) may not be covered by the warranty (and thus not be returned) or in other cases may be easier to buy replacements out of pocket rather than send the machine out to be serviced. Apple, for example, may ofter give you replacement power supplies, optical drives and the such for free just by coming in the store. I wanted to have my Asus repaired for a faulty keyboard, but would have to live without it for 2 - 4 weeks and have to pay $50 in shipping to have it serviced - it was easier to just buy a new keyboard out of pocket for me.


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