White Thinkpad X200e - Possible Thinkpad Netbook ?! For Real ?!

I highly doubt it's real but for what it's worth, here are the 'leaked' photos of the supposed Lenovo White Thinkpad X200e:

[Credit: Netbook.zol.com.cn]

What do you think? Is this for real? If not, then it's excellent mod work -- despite the disgusting color combination. But if it's an authentic Thinkpad, "What the hell is wrong with you, Lenovo?! Thinkpad = Black !"

Meanwhile, some Engadget readers are already suspecting that this is actually the long-rumored Thinkpad netbook. Quoting Fanfoot:

Well, if [it's] true then [this will be the] first netbook (other than the Sony P-series) that has a trackpoint. That's a plus for those of us that like them.

Keyboard looks okay but like others the all black inside with the white outside looks stupid. All black please. Do a texture or something if you must, though that's not really what Thinkpads are supposed to look like. A matte rubbery black would be just fine.

Hopefully Lenovo realizes they are risking a lot here and have put quality components into this thing. Its okay if its a LITTLE more expensive than a typical netbook. Hard drive should have shock detection and roll cage (rubber gaskets). Or if there's an SSD it should be a good SSD. Multitouch trackpad. Solid construction. Etc.


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  1. Libag-magnet

    Wishes for a truly skinnable netbook

  2. Yeah. :)

    I hope it's fake though.

    TP is a solid Thinkpad fan.

  3. What the H**$* is Lenovo doing!?!?

    All Thinkpads should be black!!

    The Z-series worked because its Titanium. That's how far it should go.


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