New Improved Intel Atom Chip for Netbooks, On the Horizon !!

If you're planning to buy a new netbook soon, you might want to hold off the purchase until Intel releases its newest Atom processor.

Intel Executive Vice President, Sean Maloney, told CNET in a recent interview that

[The new Atom processor] inside [upcoming] Netbooks will beat Intel's latest "Pine Trail" Atom processor technology. This watershed design will squeeze the graphics function--previously on a separate chip--into the central processing unit, or CPU, a first for Intel. And what does that mean to consumers? "Better battery life. But performance more than anything,"

There isn't any word yet on the exact release date of the new Atom chip but major netbook manufacturers like HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, and MSI are now preparing units to accommodate the new processor.

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  1. The only thing to look forward with this is the longer battery life since graphics performance isn't Intel's forte. Problem is if the heat generated by the combined CPU, memory controller, & GPU can be managed & if it can play 1080p decently.

  2. ^

    Yup, I was also thinking about heat management. But then, I hope that after all this time (especially after the failings of Celeron), Intel already knows how to do it right. :)

  3. BTW this also reminds me of the time Intel packaged the L2 Cache alongside the CPU (Pentium Pro & Pentium II and later releases) that resulted in a divergence between mobo designs (PII & Super Socket 7)


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