Android Honeycomb Demo by Andy Rubin at Dive Into Mobile : VIDEO

Google Nexus S, the first phone that runs on Android Gingerbread - the Android version that will supersede Froyo, hasn't even been hit store shelves yet.

But earlier today, Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering at Google (where he's overseeing Android development), gave the audience at Dive Into Mobile Conference a peek into a further future by showing them a preview of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the follow-up to Gingerbread, running on a Motorola slate prototype.

android honeycomb

Honeycomb features a redesigned desktop with a extra-large screen space, a new app grid and an updated Gmail application, which looks a lot like what's found on the Apple iPad.

Andy Rubins ran Honeycomb on a Motorola tablet with no hardware buttons. This means that the OS most likely features on-screen elements to launch search, go back to the desktop or view app options. Rubins likewise disclosed that the Motorola tablet is powered by an NVIDIA dual-core 3D processor that's ideal for viewing Google Maps in 3D.

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