TechPinas Gadget BONANZA : TP Gives Away BlackBerry Curve 3G !!

Please consider this as TP's humble way of thanking all of our readers and friends for the amazing two years that we've spent together online! Here's to more amazing tech-filled years to come!

The First TechPinas Gadget Bonanza --

How would you like to own a BlackBerry Curve 3G this Yuletide and finally become a part of the BB Generation?


I personally own a BlackBerry Curve 8520 but NOT the slick chrome-clad 3G version depicted above. I would have loved to keep it for myself -- but in the true spirit of Christmas, I've decided to give it to one of my lucky readers via a simple contest.

I will release the full mechanics tonight (or earlier) so please keep tuned in. I promise it's going to be really simple. You'll just need your camera and creativity for this one.

As promised, here are the contest mechanics:

1. Email TechPinas a photo showing how far you'd go to own a BlackBerry Curve 3G or how badly you want it. TP's email address is techpinas[at]yahoo[dot]com. Make sure that the title or subject of your email is TechPinas Gadget Bonanza # 1 : BlackBerry Curve 3G Entry

Don't forget to include your name, address and contact details in the email.

2. Minimum photo resolution is VGA or 640 x 480 pixels.

3. Make sure you give your photo a caption.

4. You may submit multiple entries.

5. The contest will run from December 10 to 22, 2010. The deadline for submitting entries is December 22, 2010 11:59:59 PM. All entries will be collated on December 27, 2010 and the winner will be announced on January 3, 2011 via a post on TechPinas.

6. Entries will be judged by TechPinas Founder - Mark Milan Macanas and VirtusioPR with the following criteria:

Creativity - 50%
Impact - 50%

7. Of course, TP Founder's relatives from either sides aren't allowed to join.

8. Everyone from across the Philippines can join. But you'd have to find a way to pick up your BlackBerry Curve 3G prize at VirtusioPR's office in San Juan should you win.


1. You might also want to blog about your entry to serve as its caption, mentioning 'TechPinas Gadget Bonanza # 1' phrase and including your photo (with above-mentioned minimum resolution) on the post and just email us the link.

2. Friend TechPinas up on Facebook HERE. If we're friends there, it would be easier for us to look for you in case you win.

Please let your friends know by sharing this post on Facebook. :) Let's be friends there too. Just look for TechPinas' FB page. Remember: We don't have fans, only friends.

Thanks again, TP friends!

*This contest is being brought to you by TechPinas : Philippines' Technology News, Tips and Reviews Blog, RIM - Maker of BlackBerry Smartphones and VirtusioPR.


  1. Interesting! You're again on another milestone. Now, on giving away a gadget.
    I'm thinking of joining your contest, but I'm afraid being chosen :-)
    I'd rather give your other readers a chance...

  2. Thanks dude! :)
    Onga, hehe, help me promote nalang. :P

  3. retweeted, shared on FB, emailed my entry - all done!
    More power to TP!!!

  4. same contest at yugatech...

  5. I submitted my entry a while ago. :)
    A added you already to my FB. :)
    Hope you will like it. :)

  6. Hi Jose!
    Make sure you send it to

    What's your email address? :)

  7. Yes I sent it to Can you confirm if you received my entry?
    My email address is

  8. Hi! It's not yet in our inbox.
    Can you please resend.
    Please make sure that the photo is not too big.

  9. Hello there! I submitted my entry just now and I'm crossing my fingers to win in this contest :)
    Have a great day!

  10. Hello @TechPinas admin, I just sent you lots of crazy entries... hehehehe.......Hoping alot ...hope.....hope...hope....haha

  11. Hi! I just sent my entry! My email's
    Did you get it?

  12. IF a provincial participant wins, can he/she send a rep to claim prize? just a thought. thanks!

  13. Hello once again! I just resent my first entry! I change the Y in CURYE to V-CURVE. I'm very sorry. Hope you understand! hehe. Sana manalo po. I want so much this phone. Thanks. Merry Christmas Animetric! :)

  14. Yup Nemory! Got them! :) Dami nga. Will send confirmation email! :)

  15. Hi April! I got your email. :)
    But please make sure you attach the photo. :)

  16. Hi Reyvan!
    I will send confirmation email once we get it. :)

  17. Yup! But we'll have to ask for pertinent documents to make sure your rep is really your rep. :)

  18. I'm just 13, can i still join?

    and can I ask? is it "the more daring the pic is"

    or "the more the beautiful the thought of the pic is"?

  19. Hello! Does it have to picture of a person? :))

  20. just sent my entry! I hope I'd be lucky to have a blackberry curve to dump this nokia n70 phone! :D thanks Techpinas!

  21. I just sent my 2nd entry with flying colors haha. :)

  22. Hi Tech Pinas team! i just emailed another photo entry. Salamat po! hope you'll like it!

  23. I sent my entries!! merry christmas everyone !!:)

  24. i sent an email today,hope nakareceive nyo ty

  25. Hi, I emailed my entry. My email address is
    Cheers! :)

  26. Hi TechPinas Just sent my entry better late than never :) hope you like it....


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