Globe BlackBerry Social Review

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Globe BB Social Review

Globe BB Social Review — A Very Cheap way to be Socially Connected 24/7 for 30days with your Blackberry Smartphone.

Being a teenager and a college student, it is important for me to always stay connected with my friends -- especially during this Yuletide season, when everyone’s on their much awaited Christmas break. Since I’m a Globe postpaid user with no active Blackberry Data plan (I pay my own phone bill and right now, I just can’t afford the BB SuperSurf and BB SuperSurf Max), I've decided to try Globe’s new BB Social service.

What to love about it:

  • For only P300/30 days, both Prepaid and Postpaid users can be socially connected on the go, 24/7.
  • It lets you use Facebook for BlackBerry and Twitter for BlackBerry services that won't work on Wifi alone.
  • It's very affordable! Real cheap!

First, here’s how to subscribe to BB Social:

Type BB SOCIAL ON and send it to 8888. You will receive a reply something like this:

blackberry social

And when you’re already connected, your Signal Indicator will be in capital letters (EDGE, GPRS, etc) like this:

blackberry social


If you want to stay connected via Facebook, Twitter, BBM and other IM apps on your Blackberry Smartphone, BB Social could prove ideal for you. For only P300/30 days, it’s very cheap yet it delivers. I’m so much addicted to Twitter and Facebook that I don't mind the extra P300 that gets charged to my account.

The bad thing is that you can't use this service for Mobile browsing (though you can always use the hotspot option whenever WiFi is available). Also, you won’t be able access your push email. And, for some reason, after I activated the service, BB Maps mysteriously disappeared on my phone. I guess Globe is doing this on purpose so you don’t accidentally use the app while you're on BB Social.

I’ve already deleted ICQ and AIM on my phone but whenever I'm on BB Social, they reappear on my IM folder (it’s not really a big problem since clicking on the app icons now redirects me to a webpage that asks if I want to download the app). Also, if you’re on Twitter, you won’t be able to read Twitlonger messages since the mobile browser is needed for this. Same thing for the links on FB.

Those were just some of the things I noticed.

To wrap this up, here's my tip: If you cant live without your mobile browser, email push, BB Maps, and Twitlonger, you can always unsubscribe to BB social then register to BB SuperSurf or BB Max.


  1. So that's all apps? Including my apps like Engadget app?

  2. my im apps appeared but my social networking apps didnt. im now on bb social and i cant access any of my social networking sites because theres no icon to click..please help..heres my number 09166569354 im using bb bold 9700

  3. sir/maam, what about UberSocial (Twitterapp for BB)? does BB social work on this too?

  4. can I still upload photos on Twitter via Plixi or Yfrog though Im using BB Social??

  5. i have tried it.. it was ok :) i recv emails on time, plus i get to tweet whenever i want using my bb.. to answer some questions, 1. messages and comments can be rcvd ryt away IF you didnt logged out of ur account, ur bb will alert u like u rcvd a txt msg 2. yes, ubersoc works on this promo 3. yes u cn upload phtos, but im having trouble uploading pix using yfrog (yfrog is availbe on twitter for BB)

  6. thanks. this helped me somehow. i was just worried because i might not be able to use UberSocial. since im on the postpaid plan, im afraid BB Social wont work on UberSocial and my plan bills will be compromised. so i guess, based on ur experience, BB Social works on UberSocial (like it does on Twitter for Blackberry). [just to confirm again] :D

  7. that happened to me before. I was subscribed for BB SOCIAL but I was charged a thousand of pesos. I complained this to Globe customer service but they didn't give me any answer. I was super pissed of about this until I figured out the reason. CHECK YOUR SETTING. Go to Advanced Options/TCP/IP. make sure they are disabled. I set to disable and after that the unexplainable charges stopped. We have the same issue with my office mates. I am not really sure if that's the cause but you might try maybe this would be true in your case.

  8. samething as below, lost ~300Php that globe cust svc was due to the apn setting AMPOTA!

  9. Is it true that bb social will not be available starting april 15?

  10.  Hi! Is BB Social still available? (As of May 22 2011) Thank you!

  11. Does Places in facebook works in BB SOCIAL?


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