Nokia N8 Pier Roxas Finalist Videos Unveiled!

How do you want Pier Roxas’ story to end? The real story behind Pier Roxas’ lost 8 days is soon to be revealed and Nokia, the world’s number 1 mobile phone brand, is giving you the chance to decide how his story will end as online and text voting polls will be open for the best short film that perfectly solves the puzzling tale of amnesiac Pier Roxas.

nokia n8 pier roxas
Pier Roxas and the Nokia N8

The 8 Pier Roxas short films under the Nokia N8 Project geNer8 campaign were recently unveiled in a special screening held at the Rockwell Powerplant Cinema. These films were directed by the top 8 finalists who submitted and shot their respective versions of the Pier Roxas story using the new Nokia N8, dubbed the world’s best entertainment smartphone.

For one of the finalists, 20-year-old ingest operator Ray de Leon, “Unanswered Question” tells the story of Fiipino-American tourist Pier Roxas, who fell in love with a mysterious lady causing him to forget his memory of the past 8 days.

pier roxas
Finalists Andrei Guarin, Albert Torralba, Mia Buenaventura, and Paul Pineda

“Triple Dare,” PR practitioner Mia Buenaventura’s version, shows Pier Roxas involved in a dare that gets out-of-hand as he wanders around Manila and into the lives of odd personalities. This short film is shot in a mockumentary format.

From Dr. Cyrus Pasamba and nurse Glynis Lee, the suspense-comedy “Hypno-Pier” is about a model, Pierre Quijano, who was recruited by a terrorist group through a Chinese hypnotist to bomb a visiting US aircraft carrier. But the plan didn’t go as smoothly as planned as Agent Pier Roxas prematurely snaps out of his hypnotic trance by a series of unfortunate events.

pier roxas
From left: Finalists Juanita Bantay, Dr. Cyrus Pasamba and Glynis Lee, Ray de Leon, and DK Codera

Multimedia arts student DK Codera’s “F8” shows Pier Roxas dying and re-living the last few days of his life and being visited by the three faces of death who will show him where he’s truly going.

“Blue Pill” from IT professional Andrei Guarin is about Pier Roxas who participated in a brain-related scientific experiment that went wrong, setting off Pier to uncover the mystery behind the days lost.

English teacher Albert Torralba’s “Covert Ops” is a mystery, thriller, espionage, comedy and romance all rolled into one. It tells the story of Agent P (Pier Roxas) who was assigned with another agent for a reconnaissance mission.

“Phobia” from magazine editor Paul Pineda narrates how Pier Roxas’ moves forward and refuses to accept his fate.

Nurse Juanita Bantay’s “Behind the Scene” is described as a feel-good short film that will make viewers laugh and enjoy as they watch Pier Roxas go through a series of events to help him remember the events of the past 8 days.

These 8 films aim to help Pier Roxas bring back his memory in HD with the Nokia N8. The Nokia N8 is the first in the series of smartphones based on the new Symbian software and designed to bring a familiar, faster, and more intuitive user experience. It allows users create high-quality photos and shoot HD-quality videos in supreme clarity with its 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, while also allowing them to edit photos and videos on-screen.

The finalists were each given the chance to shoot their own versions of the Pier Roxas story based on the following clues: He was found on a pier along Roxas Boulevard, he has a facial bruise, a lipstick smudge on his collar, an unfamiliar key, a parking ticket, and a Smart Gold SIM. Pier’s wallet is missing but he still has his Nokia N8 with no contacts.

The film entries will be judged according to the following criteria: Creative Storytelling – 30%; Adherence to the theme – 30%; Execution – 30%; and Audience Impact – 10%. The judges who will have the difficult job of choosing the story that perfectly fits the puzzle in Pier Roxas’s life are Directors Paul Soriano, Director Pepe Diokno and Lilit Reyes.

The film clips can be viewed online at Viewers can send in their votes online or via sms (Text N8 to 3830 for Smart subscribers only) from December 2 to 13, 2010. One online voter and one text voter who chose the winning film will each win a Nokia N8.

Announcement of the winning short film is on December 15, 2010. The winner with the best Pier Roxas film will go home with P50,000 cash prize.

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