Top Gadgets of 2010

Which gadgets reigned supreme in 2010?

Here's TechPinas' list of the best gadgets of the year that was.

1. Nokia N8

top gadgets 2010

Here's a handset that combines the power of a point and shoot digicam and a smartphone. Able to shoot 12 MegaPixel photos and 720p high-resolution videos, I found Nokia N8 to be an ideal phone to bring to events and parties.

Watch me unbox TP's Nokia N8 --

2. Apple iPad

top gadgets 2010

This is definitely one of the hottest gadgets this year. Although it arrived late in the Philippines (and despite criticisms that it's just an oversized iPod Touch), a lot of Pinoys found ingenious ways to own a unit prior to its official launch. Also, needless to say, this gadget practically started this tablet era and challenged other companies to come up with their own slates.

3. iPod Touch 4G

top gadgets 2010

Steve Jobs calls it 'an iPhone without the phone.' And that's what it is. The latest generation iPod Touch 4G dons two cameras - the one in front is for FaceTime calls while the one at the back can take 720p HD videos, an ultra-clear retina display and a three-axis gyroscope for more precision game play. Just like iPhone 4, it runs iOS4, Apple's latest mobile operating system, with its 1GHz Apple A4 processor.

Our iPod Touch 4G unit was provided and warrantied by Power Mac Center. TP believes in the quality of products and after-sales service of PMC.

4. Nokia N900

top gadgets 2010

This is the phone that I brought to Nokia Connection 2010. It has a powerful camera, a convenient slide-out QWERTY keypad and a sizable screen -- but the best part; it's Maemo operating system handles web-browsing and multi-tasking like no other mobile OS I've used.

5. iPod Nano 6G

top gadgets 2010

If you're looking for a music player that's more than the usual, then iPod Nano 6G could be perfect for you. This latest iteration of the device has a cute square multi-touch screen that makes playing your favorite tracks a lot easier and way cooler. Match it with a wrist strap and you get an iPod Nano 6G watch!

6. Nikon D3100

top gadgets 2010

14.2 MegaPixel Shooter, D3100 is a lot more affordable than its siblings in Nikon's DSLR line yet it does something that some of them just can't; Shoot 1080p High Definition videos with continuous autofocus.

7. Thinkpad X100e

Anyone who knows me (personally), knows that I'm the biggest ThinkPad fan. Why? Because these laptops are just built like tanks, they are very reliable and their legendary keyboard is an absolute joy to work with. For me, in the PC laptop category, ThinkPad is king.

top gadgets 2010

In January 2010, Lenovo shocked the world by releasing a ThinkPad that's borderline netbook -- in the form of ThinkPad X100e. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical (and disappointed) at first, but when I finally saw the device in the flesh, I thought that it's actually worthy to be called a ThinkPad. It looks like a ThinkPad and the keyboard feels like that of a ThinkPad.

8. HTC Legend

top gadgets 2010

I own this phone and I'm inclined to believe that - unlike some handsets I've owned in the past - this is a gadget I'd be proud to flaunt even after 2 or 3 years of regular use. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of its classic minimalistic design and exceptionally crafted aluminum unibody.

9. Sony CyberShot TX9

top gadgets 2010

I got this play with this point and shoot camera during Sony Early Christmas product showcase and I was blown away by its solid form factor and powerful features set. Roughly as small as a box of a standard deck of cards, TX9 can shoot 12 MegaPixel photos, shoot 1080p HD videos and capture 3D panoramic shots!

10. Macbook Air 2010

top gadgets 2010

It looks great, it's thin and light and it's quite capable. While not a powerhouse notebook, Macbook Air 2010 is nonetheless an ideal travel companion and cafe bud.

11. BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G

top gadgets 2010

This is the phone that we decided to giveaway to our readers for TechPinas Gadget Bonanza # 1 (TPGB1). We feel that a lot of Pinoys are starting to embrace the BlackBerry brand and I'm sure that they will appreciate the 3G connectivity support that 9300 offers.

12. Sony PlayStation Move

top gagdets 2010

This is the most afforable of the three most popular motion gaming consoles in the world right now. And yet, I believe it's also the one that supports the broadest range of games and features the most accurate motion tracking. I got to play with it at Sony's Christmas event and if anything, it made me sweat. I'd say it's ideal for people who want to lose extra pounds.

Other notable gadgets of 2010 --

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung's first Android slate device, currently hot in Europe, now available in the Philippines.

2. Torque Trinity
The world's first Triple SIM, Triple Standby phone. Our unit looked so hot, it was 'slashed' out of the bag of one of our writers.

3. Samsung Champ
One of the most advertised phones in the Philippines in 2010. Also the most affordable Samsung touchscreen phone.

4. Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S is probably the best selling Android phone of 2010. It's thin, it has a big SuperAmoled screen, it looks sexy and it runs the most popular OS in the US today.

5. HTC Desire HD
Recently launched in the Philippines, this phone will surely be hot in 2011.

6. Nokia X3
We own one. This phone is the first Nokia handset to don both a touchscreen and an alpha-numeric keypad. I went to the grocery last night with mom and I'm surprised by the number of shoppers who own a unit. I think it's selling well in the Philippines.

7. BlackBerry Curve 8520
With the arrival of BlackBerry Curve 3G, BlackBerry Curve 8520 became the most affordable new generation BB device out in the market right now. If you're price conscious and you want to discover the things that BB fans have grown to love, I suggest you check out 8520. I own one and I think it's worth every penny.

8. Cherry Mobile Superion
Clad in glass and metal, Superion looks and feels solid.

Happy New Year, TP Friends! Here's to even more amazing gadgets in 2011!


  1. bias ata sa nokia tong site na to since advertiser sila.

  2. i disagree with nokia n8 being number 1.. it wasn't even sellable and the OS is outdated and not at par with other OS

  3. Why didn't you include the Canon EOS 550D. It has a whopping 18MP resolution, 1080p HD video mode and the gorgeous screen for just 50k?

  4. I love n8, But i think the most high of your list ipod nano 6G.

  5. wat about galaxy s which sold 10 million units?

  6. wow just because you can bring a phone to take pictures at a party, it gets the top spot? seriously - where is the nexus one that broke ground on the 1GHZ processors in mobile phones? lol and the curve 3G is in your list too? amazing... the champ is in the list of notables? - i thought it was a list of the top gadgets for 2010? base your list on how groundbreaking and how feature rich a device or a gadget is - not because they are your sponsors or you cater to their whims. wow.

  7. inde, ang site nato panay bobo ang editors, noypi,


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