Samsung Electronics Philippines Employees Face Estafa, Theft and Large Scale Illegal Recruitment Charges

Apparently, employees of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) are now facing charges of syndicated and large-scale illegal recruitment involving theft, economic sabotage and estafa filed by Temps & Staffers Inc. (TSI), a manpower agency.

TSI is claiming that Samsung 'pirated' 700 of TSI's promo merchandizers.

Of course, Samsung is denying all allegations (that, mind you, have already been published on newspapers), stating that "[t]he contracts between TSI and its promo merchandisers is co-terminus with TSI’s contract with SEPCO. As early as June 13, 2010, TSI served termination notices to their promo-merchandisers effective June 30, 2010."

UPDATE: I tried looking for online articles and news pertaining to the case and I found one from Manila Standard (source).

Quoting the newspaper --

"The Justice department has issued a hold-departure order against three Korean nationals who have been charged with syndicated and large-scale illegal recruitment, an act that is tantamount to economic sabotage.


At the same time, the Justice department issued watch-list orders against 13 Filipinos who are either officers or employees of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp. The WLOs are enforceable for six months unless sooner terminated.


Oddly enough, primetime news hasn't picked up on the case yet -- considering that the charges are, you know, rather serious and that no-less-than The Department of Justice is working on it. Really, I don't remember seeing this story on TV Patrol --- and I watch it religiously. Maybe TV news is snubbing it in favor of the Vizconde Massacre Supreme Court decision. Who knows?

Truth be told, I never would have learned about this story had I not visited Jayvee Fernandez' blog at around 11 this morning. You can read Samsung PR's official statement on TSI's allegations via the link. Kudos to bloggers, I guess.

Now, you know.

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