2011 iPad 2 : Is This How The New Apple Tablet Will Look Like?

At CES 2011 yesterday, Engadget spotted an iPad 2 mock-up that appears to capture what rumors say the next generation Apple slate might look like.

2011 ipad 2

2011 ipad 2
An iPad 2 mock-up made by an accessory manufacturer, Credit: Engadget

2011 ipad 2

According to earlier iPad 2 design speculations, the new tablet will have a flat rear similar to that of iPod Touch 4G (resolving criticisms that the first generation iPad's curved back is rather impractical), a large speaker unit covered in metal mesh, and two cameras -- one in front for FaceTime calls and another at the back with same quality as that of the iPhone 4.

I actually think this mock-up looks decent. If this is how the iPad 2 will look like, I'll be cool with it.

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