Samsung Corby WIFI Price DOWN : Php 5,890 from Php 6,900

Even without this price cut, Samsung Corby WIFI, I think, is one of the most 'sulit' (trans. - offering most value for money) phones you can get in the market these days.

We've got official word from Samsung Philippines that they have decided to cut down the price of Samsung Corby Wifi from Php 6,900 to just Php 5890! That's Php 1,010 off the original price!

Why do I say it's 'sulit'? Well, unlike other touchscreen phones in its price category, Corby WIFI comes with a capacitive touchscreen, which means that the screen responds to the slightest touch, looks sleek and supports Wifi connectivity, obviously. I have a few friends who own a unit and they have nothing but praises for it.

If only its camera comes with built-in flash, I would have surely gotten one.

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