Cheapest Wifi Phone

Sunshine E. from Quezon City emailed us this question last night,
"TechPinas, what's the cheapest Wifi phone out in the Philippines right now? My budget is only Php 4,000. I wonder if that's good enough to get it? Thanks!"

Hi Sunshine! Thanks for the inquiry!

As of today - January 22, 2010, I believe the title 'Cheapest Wifi Phone in the Philippines' belongs to no other than Torque DQ900, which sells for only Php 3,699. So in case you decide to get it, your budget should be more than enough.

cheapest wifi phone
DQ900, along with Torque i68 Flow and Torque DX75, forms Torque's 'Wifi for Every Juan' Trio

Torque DQ900 offers full Wifi connectivity support, Mobile TV on a 2.4" display, Dual-SIM Dual-Standby capability, QWERTY keyboard input, optical touchpad navigation, Wireless FM with recording and micro-SD expandability. It also sports a 2 MegaPixel Camera that's also good for video recording.

This phone is now available in all Torque Kiosks nationwide.

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