Samsung Champ Price DOWN : Php 4,390 from Php 4,980

Like Samsung Punch, 2010 best-seller Samsung Champ is also getting a price cut.

From its original price tag of Php 4,980, you can now get Samsung Champ for only Php 4,390. That's exactly Php 590 off!

I'd like to take this opportunity to answer two questions we often get regarding this phone;

1. Does Samsung Champ come with capacitive touchscreen?

ANSWER: Nope. Samsung Champ comes with a resistive touchscreen. This means that you'd have to apply slight pressure on the screen to get a response.

2. Does Samsung Champ support Wifi?

ANSWER: Nope. Samsung Champ does not support Wifi connectivity. It works well with mobile internet services by Globe, Smart and Sun though.

There you go. You can get Champ from major telco stores nationwide or straight from Samsung Stores located at almost all major malls nationwide.

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