The Making of Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablet

"We didn't want to do a tablet just to do a tablet. We want to do the right tablet. Do the best tablet. [...]

motorola xoom android 3.0

You can make a tablet but if the way the software works [or if] the experience is not optimized for a tablet, then you feel that you got a smartphone but it just doesn't fit in [the] pocket anymore.

[Motorola XOOM] is the first device that has the Android release that's optimized for tablets; So [it is] the perfect release of software for tablets with the hardware.

One simple piece of glass -- until that display is illuminated. And when that display is illuminated, you get to see exactly what's important to you.

That is in our DNA and it is in the way that we design and it in the way that we build devices."

- Jim Wicks, Vice-President of Consumer Design Experience at Motorola Mobility Inc.

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