RockMelt Review

This review was submitted by Mr. DK Sandimas, a 14-year old TechPinas friend. Young techies rule! They're the future; We all should listen to them. Come to think of it, these days, if a technology fails to appeal to the young ones, it's not likely to go anywhere.

RockMelt Browser Review

Ever heard of that name? RockMelt? I bet most of you haven’t heard of it yet. So let me give you some brief details about it.

rockmelt review

RockMelt is a proprietary social media web browser developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria. The project is backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen. RockMelt integrates a unique technique for surfing the web that focuses on Google Search and Social Media, in particular Facebook and Twitter. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Pros and Cons:

Let's start with the PROS --

1. It’s an ultra-FAST browser.

With RockMelt, browsing the web is literally just a click away! It actually works just like Google Chrome; It opens really fast unlike other browsers that make you wait minutes just to launch. (Google Chrome & Rockmelt both have the same Chromium Framework)

2. A browser for made for socializing

This ultra-fast browser lets you socialize more by integrating your social network accounts to your browser! Isn’t that cool? It features a small dialog box showing your friends' newest updates, your notifications and even your favorite sites' feeds too! You can also check your Facebook notifications at the right sidebar of the window. If you want, you can even update your status at the browser’s sidebar. I think Facebook integration is totally the coolest feature of this browser. It even integrates your history and bookmarks with your Facebook account! It rocks!

rockmelt review

3. Chat anywhere!

Rockmelt lets you chat with your friends on Facebook via the chat panel, which appears at the left side of the screen. And mind you, it even lets you chat even when you minimize the main browser! Check out the screenshot below when I was editing a photo at Photoshop and at the same time chatting on Facebook.

rockmelt review

rockmelt review

rockmelt review

4. RSS Feeds? Not a problem!
This browser delivers the latest feeds of your favorite website! It flashes notifications whenever there are new posts and updates. It even automatically suggests that you to subscribe to your recently visited sites' feeds!

5. Fast searching
RockMelt has this built-in and fully accessible small search box where you can type in keywords. The box even lets you search for friends on social networks! Totally cool!

rockmelt review

6. It works like Chrome!
This browser supports chrome extensions, themes and even the chrome web app store! So transferring from google chrome to Rockmelt is easy!

rockmelt review

** Rockmelt has tons of features to give you and you better try it for yourself!

Now, lets go to the CONS --

1. More Chat, more windows.

Chatting your friends on the sidebar opens these small chat windows. So it means that the more friends you chat with, the more small windows will be opened. It gets annoying sometimes.
My remedy: instead of minimizing your chat windows, better close them.

2. Crash!?! Oh no!
This new browser sometimes crashes for some reason and I think really needs an upgrade. The only good thing about every crash is that when launch the browser again, closed tabs will be reopened.

3. Unwanted Notifications
Notifications are good. But too many of those can be annoying. If you want to use RockMelt, make sure you change your notification settings to show only the wanted ones.

The Verdict:

I’m recommending this to everyone especially to the facebook and twitter addicts out there! Experience the fun and the enhanced web experience that ROCKMELT BROWSER offers!

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