Alexa Rank and Traffic Mismatch : High Traffic, Low Alexa Rank, Explained! (Or Something Like It)

Yesterday, for what it's worth, I emailed Alexa (yes, the Amazon company) asking them why there seems to be a big mismatch between my actual site traffic and the Alexa rank that it's been getting recently.

You see, TP's traffic data gathered by both Google Analytics and StatCounter for the past three months show that my site is experiencing more than steady growth in terms of readership yet oddly enough, my Alexa rank seems to be sliding down with utter abandon.

Not that it should stress me out (because truth be told, there are now far better ways to measure the performance of a website or a blog, for that matter), but I must admit that I got a bit bothered by this strange anomaly considering that there are still a few folks who - for what it's worth - still check out Alexa rankings.

I already know that Alexa only ranks websites on the basis of traffic from readers who have 'Alexa' toolbar installed on their browsers (and come on, how many still use that?) and vis-a-vis the rank of other sites but I emailed them nonetheless for further clarification and closure, maybe.

Here's the response that I got:

Oh. OK. I get it. For TechPinas' Alexa Rank and its actual traffic to finally reflect each other, I would have to subscribe to Alexa's "Certification" program, which costs $9.99 up to $149 per month (depending on the extra services you're getting).

Thanks, but no thanks, Alexa! Moving on.